Last Prewar DXCC Rules 1939

The Last Prewar DXCC Rules (as of January 1940, QST (page 74-75) A.R.R.L. DX Century Club Rules (1) All contacts must be made with stations working in the authorized amateur bands using amateur calls. (2) In cases of countries where amateurs are licensed in the normal manner, credit may be claimed only for stations using regular government-assigned call letters. This shall not militate against claimed credits for contacts prior to publication of this section that might otherwise have been claimed earlier. No credit may be claimed for contacts with stations in any countries in which amateurs have been temporarily closed down by special government edict where amateur licenses were formerly issued in the normal manner. (3) QSO's taking place after December 15, 1939, with any stations in any countries included in any Proclamation of Neutrality of the President of the United States of America, shall not count for Century Club credits. The countries listed in such proclamation are: Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Union of South Africa. If further countries are added to this list by the President, QSO's with those countries shall not count from effective date of such additional proclamation. (4) All stations contacted must be "land stations" . . contacts with ships, anchored or otherwise, cannot be counted. (5) All stations must be contacted from the same state or call area, where such areas exist, or from the same country in cases where there are no call areas. (6) The A.R.R.L. list of countries, printed periodically in QST, will be used in determining what constitutes a "country." (January, 1939 QST, contains the A.R.R.L. list.) (7) In cases of countries no longer in existence, credit will be allowed for these, if they were recognized as separate countries by A.R.R.L. at the time of contact. (8) Confirmations must be submitted direct to A.R.R.L. Headquarters for all countries claimed. Confirmations from foreign contest logs may be requested in the case of the A.R.R.L. International DX Competitions only, subject to the following conditions: (a) Sufficient confirmations of other types must be submitted so that these, plus the DX Contest confirmations, will total 75 or more. In every case, contest-confirmations must not be requested for any countries from which the applicant has regular confirmations. That is, contest- confirmations will be granted only in the case of countries from which applicants have no regular confirmations. (b) Look up the contest results as published in QST to see if your man is listed in the foreign scores. If he isn't, he did not send in a log and no confirmation is possible. Logs for the 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939 contests only are available. Results of these contests appear in the September, 1935; September, 1936; October, 1937; November, 1938; and October, 1939 issues of QST. (c) Give year of contest, date and time of QSO. (d) In future DX Contests, do not request confirmations until after the final results have been published, usually in one of the early fall issues. Requests before this time must be ignored. (9) In accordance with the Century Club policy as outlined in the How's DX department, April, 1939 QST, all confirmations must be submitted as received from the stations worked. Any altered or forged confirmations submitted for C.C. credit will result in disqualification of the applicant from QST listings as well as from membership in the club. Any Century Club member submitting forged or altered confirmations must forfeit his membership. (10) Contacts may be made over any period of years, and may have been made any number of years ago, provided only that all contacts be made from the same state or call area (or country, where no call areas exist) and by the same station licensee; contacts may have been made under different call letters in the same area (or country), if the licensee for all was the same. (11) The Century Club award and QST listings for confirmed contacts with 75 or more countries is available to all active amateurs, everywhere in the world. (12) Following the first listing of any station in QST, confirmations from additional countries may be submitted as received, and the original listing will be changed in subsequent lists. (13) Stations reaching the 100-confirmations mark will automatically be enrolled in the DX Century Club. (14) Sufficient postage for the return of confirmations must be forwarded with the application. In order to insure the safe return of large bunches of confirmations it is suggested that enough postage be sent to make possible their return by First Class Mail, Registered. (15) Address all applications and confirmations to the Communications Department, A.R.R.L., 38 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, Conn. (16) In submitting confirmations they should be accompanied by a list of claimed countries and stations representing each country to aid in checking and for future reference after your confirmations have been returned to you. We are again printing the Century Club rules, with clarification of certain points, since it has been some time since this information appeared in QST. Kindly refer to the above in preparing to submit confirmations. This will answer practically every question you may have. The rules as they now stand are effective with publication of this issue of QST.
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