The Postwar DX Century Club of 1947

The DXCC Post-WW2 List (1947). Second World War II caused a lot of political changes and this caused also lot of changes in the DXCC Countries List. It was not easy to construct a good Countries List, but the the ARRL cleared the job. The new DXCC list was published in February, 1947, QST (page 49-50). And thew new DXCC Rules were published a month later (QST, March, 1947 (page 69) Contacts from this first date , November,15, 1945 could be credited for the new Postwar DXCC. The First offcial Postwar DXCC Countries List This list counts 257 Entities. 42 Entities don’t have a prefix. So we can assume that in 1945, there were 257-42 = 215 workable entities. A hell of a job for all DX stations who liked to be member of that famous DX Century Club. And for the Postwar certificate, according to the new rules below, no Prewar contacts did count. Entities November 15, 1945: Active: 257 The NEW DX-CENTURY-CLUB AWARD (March, 1947, QST, page 69) Certificate for Amateurs Who Prove Postwar contact with 100 Countries We present below the rules under which the DX Century Club Award will be issued to amateurs who have worked and confirmed contact with 100 countries in the postwar period. They are effective for contacts made since November 15, 1945. Please note that the new award does not wash out your prewar DX work. If you worked fewer than 100 countries before the war and have since worked and confirmed a sufficient number to make the 100 mark, the DXCC is still available to you. See page 74 of June 1946 QST, for complete details on how to apply for such certification. The new award is available to any amateur who works 100 countries from November 15, 1945, and who submits satisfactory confirmations to ARRL. Prewar holders of the DXCC award and those who may have received certificates for work based on combined prewar and postwar work also may apply upon proper presentation of 100 postwar confirmations. The new certificate will be marked to differentiate it from awards previously made. Note, too, that you may now work for endorsements to certify, in steps of 10, your countries confirmed above 100. These will take the form of attractive stickers or coupons to be attached to your postwar certificate. The Countries List to be used in connection with the new DXCC was published in February QST. Please refer to it and the rules published herewith to determine how you stand in working for the Postwar DXCC award. 1) The Century Club Award Certificate for confirmed contacts with 100 or more countries is available to all amateurs everywhere in the world. 2) Confirmations must be submitted direct to ARRL headquarters for all countries claimed. Claims for a total of 100 countries must be included with first application. Confirmation from foreign contest logs may be requested in the case of the ARRL International DX Competitions only, subject to the following conditions: a) Sufficient confirmations of other types must be submitted so that these, plus the DX Contest confirmations, will total 100. In every case, Contest confirmations must not be requested for any countries from which the applicant has regular confirmations. That is, Contest confirmations will be granted only in the case of countries from which applicants have no regular confirmations. b) Look up the Contest results as published in QST to see if your man is listed in the foreign scores. If he isn't, he did not end in a log and no confirmation is possible. c) Give year of Contest, date and time of QSO. d) In future DX Contests, do not request confirmations until after the final results have been published, usually in one of the early fall issues. Requests before this time must be ignored. 3) The ARRL Countries List, printed periodically in QST, will be used in determining what constitutes a "country." (February 1947 QST contains the postwar ARRL list.) 4) Confirmations must be accompanied by a list of claimed countries and stations to aid in checking and for future reference. 5) Confirmations from additional countries may be submitted for credit each time ten additional confirmations are available. Endorsements for affixing to certificates and showing the new confirmed total (110, 120, 130, etc.) will be awarded as additional credits are granted. ARRL DX Competition logs from foreign stations may be utilized for these endorsements, subject to conditions stated under (2). 6) All contacts must be made with amateur stations working in the authorized amateur bands or with other stations licensed to work amateurs. 7) In cases of countries where amateurs are licensed in the normal manner, credit may be claimed only for stations using regular government-assigned call letters. No credit may be claimed for contacts with stations in any countries in which amateurs have been temporarily closed down by special government edict where amateur licenses were formerly issued in the normal manner. 8) All stations contacted must be "land stations"... contacts with ships, anchored or otherwise, and aircraft, cannot be counted. 9) All stations must be contacted from the same call area, where such areas exist, or from the same country in cases where there are no call areas. One exception is allowed to this rule: where a station is moved from one call area to another, or from one country to another, all contacts must be made from within a radius of 150 miles of the initial location. 10) Contacts may be made over any period of years from November 15, 1945, provided only that all contacts be made under the provisions of Rule 9, and by the same station licensee; contacts may have been made under different call letters in the same area (or country), if the licensee for all was the same. 11) All confirmations must be submitted exactly as received from the stations worked. Any altered or forged confirmation submitted for CC credit will result in disqualification of the applicant. The eligibility of any DXCC applicant who was ever barred from DXCC to reapply, and the conditions for such application, shall be determined by the Awards Committee. Any holder of the Century Club Award submitting forged or altered confirmations must forfeit his right to be considered for further endorsements. 12) Operating Ethics: Fair play and good sportsmanship in operating are required of all amateurs working toward the DX Century Club Award. In the event of specific objections relative to continued poor operating ethics an individual may be disqualified from the DXCC by action of the ARRL Awards Committee. 13) Sufficient postage for the return of confirmations must be forwarded with the application. In order to insure the safe return of large batches of confirmations, it is suggested that enough postage be sent to make possible their return by first-class mail, registered. 14) Decisions of the ARRL Awards Committee regarding interpretation of the rules as here printed or later amended shall be final. 15) Address all applications and confirmations to the Communications Department, ARRL, 38 La Salle Road, West Hartford 7, Conn. Two different DXCC award Rules It is very clear in this Postwar Rules, that, if a ham would work on his Prewar DXCC score, he (or she) had to submit credits according those other DXCC rules, published in June, 1946, QST (page 74). However no listings of this Prewar DXCC were published ever again. Records of this prewar DXCC do not exist anymore.
DXCC Rules+Entities The DXCC list did change a lot of times since 1947. Entities did come and go. Most of the time the GO’s did move to the DXCC Deleted list. The same did happen with the DXCC rules. Not always did a “new’ Entity on the DXCC list get there for the same reason. DX is !!
Postwar DXCC - 01
DXCC-Countries A-F Aden and Socrota Island, VS9 Afghanistan, YA Alaska (including Pribilof Islands), KL7 Albania, ZA Aldabra Islands, Algeria, FA Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands Andorra, Anglo Egyptian Sudan, ST Angola, CR6 Argentina, LU Ascension Island, ZD8 Australia, VK Azores Islands, CT2 Bahama Islands, VP7 Bahrein Islands, VS8 Baker Island, Howland Island and American Phoenix Islands, KB6 Balearic Islands, EA6 Barbados, VP6 Basutoland, ZS4 Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo, OQ Belgium, ON Bermuda Islands, VP9 Bhutan, Bolivia, CP Bonin & Volcano Island, Borneo,British North, VS4 Borneo, Netherlands, PK5 Brazil, PY British Honduras, VP1 Brunei, VS5 Bulgaria, LZ Burma, XZ Cameroons, French, FE8 Canada, VE Canal Zone, KZ5 Canary Islands, EA8 Cape Verde Islands, CR4 Caroline Islands, Cayman Islands, VP5 Celebes and Molucca Islands, PK6 Ceylon, VS7 Chagos Islands, VQ8 Channel Islands, GC Chile, CE China, XU,C Christmas Island, ZC3 Clipperton Island, Cocos Island, TI Cocos Islands, ZC2 Columbia, HJ Comoro Islands, Cook Islands, ZK1 Corsica, Costa Rica, TI Crete, SV Cuba, CM-CO Cyprus, ZC4 Czechoslovakia, OK Denmark, OZ Dodecanese Islands, SV5 Dominican Rebublic, HI Easter Island, Ecuador, HC Egypt, SU Eire, EI England, G Eritrea, I6 Ethiopia, ET Faeroes The, OY Falkland Islands, VP8 Fanning Island, VR3 Fiji Islands, VR2 Finland, OH Formosa, France, F French Equatorial Africa, FQ8 French India, FN French Indochina, FI8 French Oceania, FO8 French West Africa, FF8 Fridtjof Nansen Land (Frans Josef Land),
DXCC-Countries O-Z Oman, Palau (Pelew) Islands, Palestine, ZC6 Panama, HP Papua Territory, VK4 Paraguay, ZP Peru, OA Philippine Islands, KA1 Phoenix Islands, Pitcairn Island, VR6 Poland, SP Portugal, CT Principe and Sao Thome Islands, Puerto Rico, KP4 Reunion Island, FR8 Rhodesia+ Northern, VQ2 Rhodesia+ Southern, ZE Rio de Oro, Roumania, YR St. Helena, ZD7 Salvador, YS Samoa, U. S., KS6 Samoa, Western, ZM Sarawak, VS5 Sardinia, Saudi Arabia, HZ Scotland, GM Seychelles, VQ9 Siam, HS Sierra Leone, ZD1 Sikkim, Solomon Islands, VR4 Somaliland, British, VQ6 Somaliland, French, FL8 Somaliland, Italian, South Georgia, VP8 South Orkney Islands, VP8 South Sandwich Islands, VP8 South Shetland Islands, VP8 Southwest Africa, ZS3 Soviet Union: Asiatic Russia, UA9-0 European Russia, UA1-3-4-6 Ukraina, UB5 White Russia, UC2 Azerbaijan, UD6 Georgia, UF6 Armenia, UG6 Turkoman, UH8 Uzbek, UI8 Tadzhik, UJ8 Kazakh, UL7 Kirghiz, UM8 Karelo-Finnish Republic, UN1 Moldavia, UO5 Lithuania, UP Latvia, UQ Estonia, UR Spain, EA Sumatra, PK4 Svalbard (Spitzbergen), Swan Island, KS4 Sweden, SM Switzerland, HB Syria, (AR) Taiwan (Formosa). J9 Tanganyika Territory, VQ3 Tangier Zone, EK Tannu Tuva, Tibet, AC4 Timor, Portuguese, CR10 Togoland, French, FD8 Tokelau (Union) Islands, Tonga (Friendly) Islands, VR5 Transjordan, ZC1 Trieste, Trinidad and Tobago, VP4 Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island, ZD9 Tunisia, FT4 Turkey, TA Turks and Caicos Islands, VP5 Uganda, VQ5 Union of South Africa, ZS United States, W, K Uruguay, CX Venezuela, YV Virgin Islands, KV4 Wake Island, KW6 Wales, GW Windward Islands, VP2 Wrangel Island, Yemen, Yugoslavia, YT-YU Zanzibar, VQ1
DXCC-Countries G-N Galapagos Islands, Gambia, ZD3 Germany, D Gibraltar, ZB2 Gilbert and Ellis Islands and Ocean Island, VR1 Goa (Portuguese India), CR8 Gold Coast (and British Togoland), ZD4 Greece, SV Greenland, OX Guadeloupe, FG8 Guantanamo Bay, KNY4 Guatemala, TG Guiana, British, VP3 Guiana, French, and Inini, FY8 Guiana, Netherlands (Surinam), PZ Guinea, Portuguese, CR5 Guinea, Spanish, Haiti, HH Hawaiian Islands, KH6 Honduras, HR Hong Kong, VS6 Hungary, HA Iceland, TF Ifni, India, VU Iran, EP Iraq, YI Ireland, Northern, GI Italy, I Jamaica, VP5 Jan Mayen Island, Japan, J Jarvis Island, Palmyra group, KP6 Java, PK Johnston Island, KJ6 Kenya, VQ4 Kerguelen Islands, Korea, Kuweit, Laccadive Islands, Leeward Islands, VP2 Liberia, EL Libya, (LI) Liechtenstein, HE1 Little America, KC4 Luxembourg, LX Macau, CR9 Madagascar, FB8 Madeira Islands, CT3 Malaya, VS1,VS2 Maldive Islands, Malta, ZB1 Manchuria, Marianas Islands, KG6 Marshall Islands, Martinique, FM8 Mauritius, VQ8 Mexico, XE Midway Islands, KM6 Miquelon and St. Pierre Islands, FP8 Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, French, CN Morocco, Spanish, EA9 Mozambique, CR7 Nepal, Netherlands, PA Netherlands West Indies (Curacao), PJ New Caledonia, FK8 Newfoundland and Labrador, VO New Guinea, Netherlands, PK6 New Guinea, Territory of, VK9 New Hebrides, FU8,YJ New Zealand, ZL Nicaragua, YN Nigeria (British Cameroons), ZD2 Niue, ZK2 Norway, LA Nyasaland, ZD6
Did this QSL count for DXCC credit of Greece ?
Countries - Entities The DXCC list did change a lot of times. This counts also for Prefixes and Country-names. And even Country did change in Entity. As we see from the QSL cards above, VP1 was first the prefix of the Fiji Islands. Then the prefix was assigned to the country of British Honduras. VP1DM was active from the town of Belize, in the province of Belize in British Honduras. The Country name of British Honduras did change in Belize. Then the prefix of Belize did change in V3 And finally in DXCC Country changed in Entity. DX is !!