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The first Postwar DXCC members The first DXCC members list did appear in July 1947, of QST, page, 64. The list showed only 9 members. First to qualify was W1FH, Charlie Mellen; his total stands at 137 countries confirmed! Second to make the grade was Vincent Suhoski, W2CYS, whose application was accompanied by 108 acceptable confirmations. Marwin Gonsior, W6VFR, was the third DXer to meet the requirements for the coveted new award. Others who qualified are listed on the right. ARRL did publish heartiest congratulations to these DX experts on working 100 countries and acquiring the necessary confirmations in little more than a year of operating. Charlie's first contact for the new DXCC was made in March 1946, when he placed postwar W1FH on the air, and his 100th card was received in December 1946, just nine months later! Charlie Mellen did get his DXCC number One on April 2, 1947, just after the new rules appeared in QST. The first listing was sorted on the amount of credits and did not show the award serial numbers. . On the right is the same list, but this time showing also the names of the few who made it, together with their membership number. The first European, with DXCC number 10 who did get the DXCC was G6ZO, Jim Kirk. (not the Jim from Star-Wars). Charlie Mellen, W1FH, was also the first ham who did get the first Postwar DXCC Telephony award, with 101 confirmed countries. His achievement in being first to qualify for both the regular DXCC certificate and the special all-'phone award deserves more than passing mention; it indicates plenty of know-how in this DX game. Too, it reveals his discovery of one of the most important secrets of DXCC success - how to get the QSL cards after working those rare countries. But hold on. Where is the DXCC member with Number 4? Was this a member who was disqualified, because he/she did not follow the rules of DXCC? Time would tell. First Changes in the Countries List (June 1947, QST, page 76) As mentioned at the time of publication, the ARRL Countries List, published in the February, 1947, issue of QST, will have additions made to it from time to time. Right now there is a single addition: Isle of Man ........ GD. This should make a lot of the gang happy, but after reconsideration of the case, it was decided that there was enough political difference between Isle of Man and the other British Isles to justify the separate listing. Please add it to your list and watch this department for other changes as they are made. The Isle of Man was on the Prewar Countries List, and because of self government of the Island, Isle of Man was restored to the new Countries List. In September 1947 a change was made in the DXCC list. This time it was caused by FCC who assigned the prefix KX6 to the Marshall Islands.. This assignment was made at the instigation of the navy Department, the "X" being taken from Operation Crossroads. You could also read the following lines: Captain Christian Engleman, USN, W3RC, is operating KX6USN, Bikini Atoll, on 14- and 28-Mc, 'phone’ and CW and is officer -in-charge of the electronics phase of the Bikini Resurvey Expedition. Suitably autographed photographs of the station will be sent to the first 25 amateurs contacted. Operation Crossroads was a pair of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll in mid-1946. They were the first nuclear weapon tests since Trinity in July 1945, and the first detonations of nuclear devices since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. The purpose of the tests was to investigate the effect of nuclear weapons on warships. DX CENTURY CLUB listing November 1947, QST did show a new form of DXCC listings. The list should show progress of the live- wire DXers toward higher totals from month to month: The new listing did show the credits of the top ten DX men in the DX Century Club Honor Roll. New members did receive an initial listing. And holders of endorsement stickers were listed under "Endorsements" only as progress to or past the 110, 120, etc. marks. ARRL did hope that the new listing method would encourage members to submit additional confirmations above the 100 mark. As can be seen from the lists above, W1FH (and the others) submitted additional credits to keep the leading position in the DXCC listings.
Postwar DXCC - 01
The first activity with the KX6 prefix from Bikini Atoll, 1946
W1FH, Firsrt Postwar DXCC Mixed and Phone G6ZO, first Postwar DXCC