DXCC Changes 1982-1988

Changes from 1982 to 1986 Entities January 1982: Active 320, Deleted: 47, Withdrawn 9 Kamaran Island deleted. (QST May 1982, page. 65) DXCC country deletion: The ARRL Awards Committee has accepted the recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee to delete Kamaran Island, 7O/VS9K, from the current DXCC list by virtue of undergoing a significant change in administration, thus no longer meeting any DXCC criteria for separate country status. This deletion was made effective on March 11, 1982. The Deleted list is growing The year 1982 brought four more Entities to the Deleted list. The first one Kamaran Island(VS9K), located in the Red Sea does now belong to Yemen. Obvious that VS9K became a deleted Entity. QSOs with Kamaran Island count until March 10, 1982. Several DXCC deletions. (QST December 1982, page 78) DXCC Country Deletion: The ARRL Awards Committee has accepted the recommendations of the DX Advisory Committee to delete Serrana Bank, Roncador Cay (KP3, KS4, HK0), Bajo Nuevo (HK0) and the Saudi Arabia/Iraq Neutral Zone (8Z4), from the current DXCC List by virtue of undergoing a significant change in administration, thus no longer meeting the criteria for separate country status. These deletions will become effective with the December 1, 1982, DXCC Country List. Any present and future operation from the Serrana Bank, Roncador Cay and Bajo Neuvo areas will count the same as San Andres and Providencia Islands for DXCC credit. The United States unclaimed their rights of Serrana en Roncador Bank s (KS4B) in 1982. The area was given back to Columbia, and the Entity was deleted from the Current DXCC list. According to this also the status of Baja Nuevo (HK0B) changed and became a deleted Entity (too close to the mother country). Both Entities became a part of San Andres (HK0S) . The status of Serranilla Bank and Bajo Nuevo is less clear; the U.S. Department of State reiterated the American claim in December 2003, but that statement has now disappeared from the Department of the Interior's web site.) All these islands are also claimed by Nicaragua, and Bajo Nuevo is claimed by Jamaica. QSOs with Serrana & Roncador Banks (KS4B) count until September 16, 1982. QSOs with Baja Nuevo (HK0B) count until September 16, 1982. The second Neutral Zone, the one between Iraq and Saudi Arbia (8Z4) was removed in 1981. QSOs did count until Christmas 1981. An agreement about the split of the neutral zone was signed in 1975. A border treaty, signed on December 26, 1981 was ratified in 1983. The east-west diagonal became the border of Iraq (North part) and Saudi Arabia (South part) QSOs with the Iraq-Saudi Arabia neutral zone (8Z4) count until December 25,1981. Entities January 1983: Active 316, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 Peter I Island added to DXCC list. (QST September 1983, page. 75) The ARRL Awards Committee has accepted the recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee to add Peter I Island (3Y) to the DXCC list when the first creditable operation occurs from there. Reminder: Those wanting to upgrade their DXCC totals for the December 1983 QST DXCC listing must submit confirmations during the month of September. They must reach Headquarters on or before September 30, 1983 to be listed. You must comply with DXCC rule 5 including the once-a-year exception to update the listing. Still an unknown place for the DX world Peter I-Eiland (3Y/P) is an island near Antarctice. The island was discovered by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen on Januari 21, 1821, and was named after the Tsar of Russia, Peter the First. The explore Ole Olstad was the first on ewho made a successful landing on the island on February 2, 1929 and claimed the island for Norway. Thanks to the DXCC Searchers, another Entity was added to the DXCC list because of Point 2b/3 of the rules. Which one is next?? The addding of Peter I to the DXCC Countries list was made in 1987 when the first 3Y1/3Y2 could be made. QSOs with Peter One (3Y/P) count from November 15, 1945 for DXCC Entities January 1984: Active 317, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 In 1984 noting happened on the Current DXCC list or the Deleted list. Entities January 1985: Active 317, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 Cyprus ( QST of January 1985 (page 51) The Cyprus Amateur Radio Society, located in Limassol, together with the Ministry of Communication in Nicosia, oversees and administers Amateur Radio (i.e. 5B licenses). The ZC4 license is an entirely separate institution, being administered by the Joint Signals Board, Cyprus. License holders can only operate within the Sovereign Bazse areas and must have passed the Radio Amateur Examination, or equivalent, before being issued a license. Most, if not all, of the license holders are already licensed in the UK, holding G licenses. There are three types of ZC4 licenses in Cyprus (1). ZC4** (with two letters) denotes an amateur license holder. (2). ZC4*** (with three letters) denotes a club or special event station. (3). ZC4Z*, reserved for visitor to the Sovereign Base Areas. Further information may be obtained direct from the Joint Signal Board or via the UK Bureau in Bodnant Gardens, London. Another forgotten special area Cyprus was placed under the UK's administration based on the Cyprus Convention in 1878 and was formally annexed by the UK in 1914. After the Greek Cypriotic War of Independence in the 1950s, independence of Cyprus was given on August 16, 1960. But Cyprus had two areas a Turkish one and a Greek one. To keep Cyprus a bit under control of England a sovereign British. Military base stayed on Cyprus.. A separate Turkish Cypriot state in the north was established by unilateral declaration in 1983; the move was widely condemned by the international community, with Turkey alone recognising the new state. The Sovereign British Mil. Bases Cyprus (ZC4) became a DXCC Entity. QSOs with Sovereign British Mil. Bases Cyprus (ZC4) count from August 16, 1960. Entities January 1986: Active 318, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 This year 1986 was a quiet one, no changes on the DXCC Countries List. Entities January 1987: Active 318, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 Increasing DX Activity The WARC bands became also a target of the DX-hunters. The DXCC award did get new band certificates, which made the band even more busy during a major DXpedition. Even on 160 Meters it became more busy. So if you had the guts and the equipment, it was possible to get the DXCC on NINE bands. Wow, a real challenge for many hams. In 1987 also no changes on the DXCC Countries List. This was the first time that no DXCC list change in two subsequent years. Entities January 1988: Active 318, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9 A Political happening In 1972, at a conference in Suriname, Betico Croes, a politician from Aruba, proposed the creation of a Dutch Commonwealth of four states: Aruba, the Netherlands, Suriname, and the Netherlands Antilles, each to have its own nationality. In March 1983, Aruba reached an official agreement within the Kingdom of the Netherlands for its independence, to be developed in a series of steps as the Crown granted increasing autonomy. In August 1985, Aruba drafted a constitution that was unanimously approved. on 1 January 1986, after elections were held for its first parliament, Aruba seceded from the Netherlands Antilles, officially becoming a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with full independence planned for 1996. Betico Croes was seriously injured in a traffic accident in 1985, slipping into a coma. He died in 1986, never seeing the enacting of “Status Aparte” for Aruba for which he had worked over many years. Aruba (P4) became a DXCC Entity on January 1, 1986. The message of this new DXCC Entity was published in QST of February 1988. A bit late!! (DX is!!) New DXCC country (QST February 1988, page 62) The ARRL Awards Committee as VOTED unanimously to ACCEPT the recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee to add Arba (P4) to the ARRL DXCC Countries List. The new Aruba listing, now separate from the Netherlands Antilles listing, is by virtue of point 1 (Government) of the Country Criteria. Aruba credit will be given for contacts dated January 1, 1986, and later. Please note the following adminsitrative procedure for submitting cards for Aruba credit: 1) Do not submit cards for Aruba credit before April 1, 1988; 2) Before Aruba Credit can be given to those who already have credits for the Netherlands Antilles. a Netherlands Antilles must be RESUBMITTED. Therefore along with the creditable Aruba card, please also resubmit any cards confirming contact with Curacao or Bonaire, or an Aruba card dated December 31, 1985 or earlier. This will bring the current DXCC Country total to 318 on April 1, 1988. (DX is !!) QSOs with Aruba (P4) count from January 1, 1986 for DXCC. DXCC changes 1982-1988 Entities December 1988: Active 319, Deleted: 51, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 04
Kamaran Islands, is now Yemen (7O) 1970 DXpedition by W9FIU, K9KNW, HK0BKW and HK0BKX HK0B, Bajo Nuevo did go back to Columbia (HK) View of the W9FIU/KS4 location Map of the neutral zone is in the background of the QSL The first of 3 DXpeditions to Peter-One Island Hard to find Peter-1-Oy Separated Cyprus Licensed by the Joint Signal Board on Cyprus Betico Croes in 1982 P43E, Emily Thiel an XYL on Aruba