DXCC Changes 1947-1948

Changes in 1947 and 1948 Entities January 1947: Active: 257 Deleted : 0 The fist initial Postwar Countries (February 1947) list did show 257 Entities. Did they forget to include the Isle of Man, GD? “The United Kingdom is responsible for the island's defence and ultimately for good governance, and for representing the island in international forums, while the island's own parliament and government have competence over all domestic matters.” So according to DXCC rules, the island of Man did belong to the Countries list. QSO’s did count of course from the start on November 15, 1945 Isle of Man is the first change on the DXCC Countries List. Entities January 1948: Active: 258 Deleted : 0 In March 1948 of QST (page 77) you could read this lines of text. From time to time additions are made to the ARRL Countries List, the official standard used in connection with the Annual DX Competition and the DX century Club. In March 1948, three more countries where added: Lebanon (AR8), Pakistan and San Marino. No official prefixes have been designated for the latter two countries.. Make these additions to your list and watch this department for other changes as they are made. Why did these Entities get on the list?. San Marino is an enclaved microstate surrounded by Italy, situated on the Italian Peninsula on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. But the dwarf state had its own government, own stamps, and even a very small army. The first call issued for San Marino was M1A. As stated, this was No official prefix After M1, the prefix became 9A1, and then again M1. At last the prefix was changed in T7. And today the prefix still is T7. Lebanon got the prefix AR8. After Worldwar One, Lebanon became a part of the state of Greater Lebanon under the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon. When the UN officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, after ratification of the United Nations Charter by the five permanent members, as both Syria and Lebanon were founding member states, the French mandate for both was legally terminated on that date and full independence attained.The last French troops withdrew in December 1946. Pakistan (now AP) was not forgotten to put on the Countries List. The name of the country is strange. The name Pakistan in the Urdu and Persian language means “Land of Pure.” But it is also an acronym : P=Punjab, A=iAfghania (north-west), K=Kasjmir, S=Sindh, and tan= last part of Baluchistan. Baluchistan did belong to British India. In the Prewar DXCC List, the province Baluchistan was listed as a separate country. In 1946 the Muslims did win the elections, and on August 14, 1947, Pakistan (including a part of India) became a Muslim-Country. Around 6.5 million Muslims moved from India to Pakistan and 4.7 million Hindus and Sikhs moved from Pakistan to India. It was the largest mass migration in human history. In September 1948, you could read in QST on page 67 te following statement; From time to time changes and additions are made to the ARRL Countries List, the official standard used in connection with the Annual DX Competition and the DX Century Club. The committee has unanimously adopted the following change: delete Little America and add Antarctica. The name of the area Little America was changed in Antarctica. The new area did include the entire continantal area with exception of those areas which allready had a separate country status, like South Shetland Islands, South Orkney Islands etc.. Marion Island was added on the Countries list on October, 1948. Marion Island (ZS2) will be grouped with Prince Edward Island as a separate country. Back in 1908, the British government was thinking that this area did belong to the Great British Empire. End 1947, South Africa claimed the Island group. They did build (with permission from the British) a weather-station on the North-East coast of Marion Island (near Transvaal Cove). After this, South Africa annexed the area, including Prince Edward Island. And so, Marion Island became DXCC country number 262. Most ham activity from Marion Island is from SSB operators. The call ZS2MI was used by several operators. Mongolia was renamed in Mongolian Republic (Outer) in October 1948 . The area called Inner Mongolia is a state within the Chinese Republic, while the Mongolian Republic is an independent country. DXCC award Number 100 was given in March 1948 to W.R. Ross, G2AJ. In Augustus 1948, the top guns crossed the 200 line already. DXCC was booming business, and CW was the preferred mode for DXCC. And, as we can see, the missing DXCC member number 4, belongs to Mister Gus Browning, W4BPD. Gus was wellknown in the DX world. During WW-II, while there was radio silence, Gus did build a very large antenne farm on his Farm. As he told by himself, he had 13 Rhombics to chase for DX. Gus was in 1948 also number 4 in the Honor Roll. The leader was Chas, W1FH. In 1948, only a small amount of DX-men did get the DXCC-Phone. On this list we can see that, Chas, W1FH was also the number 1. Entities December 1948: Active: 262 Deleted : 0
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Prince Edward & Marion Island The islands were discovered on 4 March 1663 by Barent Barentszoon Lam of the Dutch East India Company ship Maerseveen and were named Dina (Prince Edward) and Maerseveen (Marion), but the islands were erroneously recorded to be at 41° South, and neither were found again by subsequent Dutch sailors. In January 1772, the French frigate Le Mascarin, captained by Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, visited the islands and spent five days trying to land, thinking they had found Antarctica (then not yet proven to exist). Marion named the islands Terre de l'Espérance (Marion) and Ile de la Caverne (Pr. Edward). After failing to land, Le Mascarin continued eastward, discovering the Crozet Islands and landing at New Zealand, where Marion du Fresne and some of his crew were killed by natives.
Pakistan, still an unstable Country.
DXCC checker A. F. Hill, Jr., W1QMI, Al, was in 1948 the only individual who did check DXCC applications. It was stated that it did take "nothing short of two hours" to check and record each DXCC application.
Mann and the Isles Constitutionally, the position of the Isle of Man is unique. lt is not and never has been part of the United Kingdom. lt is a possession of the Crown and has a very large degree of autonomy. One thousand years ago, the Island came under the domination of the invading Norsemen from Scandinavia-the Vikings. They set up their kingdom of Mann and the Isles with a form of government based on the principle of freemen knowing the law and observing it. The proclamation of this law took place on occasions like the pagan feast of the Summer Solstice, usually to an assembly in an open field. The tradition is upheld and according to custom, on 5th July there is the open-air assembly at the meeting place of the Vikings, the parliament. field (in old Norse, Thing Vollr) on Tynwald Hill
ZS8Z, mainly QRV in SSB