DXing or DXCC Honor Roll are unthinkable without DX-peditions. Amateur radio has spread out all over the world, but many place on this world would be unreachable for the DXer without Hams going there on DX-pedition. This can be a holidaytrip, a honeymoon trip or even a business trip. It can be a one-man (or one-woman of course) trip. But it can also be a trip organised by Expeditioners, the amateurs and the professionals.

In this part of the site, you can read about all these DXpeditions, small or big, low cost or very expensive DX-peditions, easy trips and hard to plan DXpeditions.  Of course it is impossible to publish all DX-pedition. Thanks to all DXpeditioners who made my DXCC Honor Roll possible.

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