GATTI-HALLICRAFTERS EXPEDITION To "THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON" (1947-1948) SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES AND FIELD EXPERIMENTS IN SHORT WAVE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS PHONE: ROCK ISLAND (PROVINCE OF QUEBEC) FROM CDR. GATTIS RESIDENCE: GLENBROOK HOUSE No. 353 DERBY LINE. VERMONT September 3rd, 1947. Robert E. Leo, Esq., 1003 B Street, San Mateo, Ca1ifornia. Dear Mr. Leo: With reference to the contract which you have today countersigned to indicate your willingness to accept all its provisions if and when you are selected to join the expedition in the capacity of Amateur Radio Operator, here are a few additional points upon which we have reached full agreement. It has been mutually agreed that, if selected: 1. You will spend the two to tour weeks prior to sailing, working at the Engineering Department of The Hallicrafters Company in Chicago in order to familiarize yourself with the expedition's electronic equipment in any manner suggested by The Hallicrafters Company, which will pay you adequate salary and the costs of your trip from the place of residence indicated in the contract to Chicago, then on to New York. 2. Upon the return of the expedition, the Corporation will pay for your trip from New York to your home. 3. It is further mutually agreed that you shall not be liable to the Corporation in damages in the event that serious sickness prevents you from sailing at the date of the expedition's departure from New York. Of course, in such event you would give the Corporation as much advance notice as possible. 4. Finally were the expedition to have two Amateur Radio Operators instead of one as now planned, you undertake to do your very best to learn efficiently to type my correspondence from longhand and from recordings, to practice as much as necessary during the 35 days of the New York--Mombasa trip, and to devote to this task part of your time in Africa. Sincerely yours, THE GATTI-HALLICRAFTERS EXPEDITION (VERMONT), INC. Scheduled to sail for MOMBASA, Kenya Colony, from New York, NOVEMBER 7, 1947, on S. S. AFRICAN DAWN, of American South African Line.