WA6AUD published the WCDXB for 11 years, every week, without missing one. This is just one of the stories that Hugh published in the WCDXB, 5 October 1976 DX Indicators There were a couple of the local QRPers that work everything but have failed to apply for any of the awards. One was by last week and all he wanted was information on the deletions. We acknowledged that the Seychelles, and some of the adjacent islands thereabouts like Desroches, was due for a change. Something would happen in the Comoros when a decision was made as to what went where. The Marshalls had been heard petitioning for independence and that Spanish Sahara eventually might have some changes. Even Okino Tori Shima had been rumored as not going to last the year. The QRPer was delighted at all this information. "Getting closer all the time", he said and we had to ask questions. There was that beady eyed smile and we braced for some devious thinking. "I'm getting closer all the time to Deleted DXCC", he said. One of these days I can get the award by submitting only those countries that no longer are countries but which are accepted because I worked them before the cut-off date. Deleted DXCC!! And I am aiming to be Number One". We had to think this over for a bit before replying. "Why that's ridiculous", we said. "That would mean that you are getting something for nothing, wouldn't it?", and the smile was even brighter. The QRPer leaned closer and said: "Isn't it about time one of us DXers got something for nothing? Something after all these years?". Son of a Gun!! We were with him there for the DXers are a patient and deserving group and though we may not make the rules, we can play by them A man should keep his friendship in constant repair (Samuel Johnson (1755).

Stories, by Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD

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