Adventures of a Dxpedioner by Roger Western G3SXW Are you a DX'er? Have you longed to be on the other side of the pile-ups? Do you dream of taking a rig to exotic locations? Do thoughts of mountains, oceans, and deserts send shivers down your spine? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, you are in for a rare treat. A new book, "Up Two - the Adventures of a DXpeditioner" by renowned DX'er Roger Western, G3SXW, is certain to bring you the vicarious thrills of operating from exotic places. Roger's DX'ing endeavors go far more afield than the relatively sanitized isles of the standard winter tourist circuit, bringing us operations from places as diverse as Afghanistan and Tristan da Cunha. Some of Roger's operations were keyed to major DX contests, others purely as DX'peditions. Always operating without support from any of the major DX Foundations, Roger has mounted exciting operations from 22 different rare countries. Without exception, these were countries reached by standard commercial travel arrangements, and in most cases hand carrying in the radio equipment needed. Some operations were solo, others with one or more other operators. Roger details his adventures with licensing authorities, the excitement of land fall on a long sea journey, of bus rides across West Africa, of hostelry owners suspicious of things like antennas, of taxi drivers and of course of the huge pile-ups. The book is also filled with invaluable advice for others interested in their own DXpeditions; what to take, what to do, problems to avoid, ways to make things work. This 240 page book spans over 30 years of DX'pedition life experiences. Anyone with an appetite for exotic locations will find tales of wonderment about some very foreign places. Roger did give me permission to put the chapter about his Iran-period, on this site. So if you want to read the story, you can click on this link. On my Dutch pages you can find his ZD9SXW story (which is also a chapter in his book UP Two ISBN 0-9617577-3-6 (2003)

Up Two

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