The combination of features-dramatic glaciated landscapes, abundant wildlife, geological history, and harsh weather conditions and the absence of any human introduction of non-indigenous species-makes this a region of outstanding natural values and can be readily recognized to have the inspiration qualities of a pristine wilderness.-AAD The end of the world Heard Island lies in the southern Indian Ocean at 53°05' S - 73°30' E. It has an area of 368 km2. Its principal feature is the intermittently active volcano Big Ben, peaking at 2745 m above sea level. Toward the Northwest is Laurens Peninsula, which is a subsidiary volcanic cone 715 m above sea level. The remaining areas are mainly narrow coastal flats at the western and eastern ends. The margin is characterized by coastal ice cliffs and exposed high-energy rocky beaches. Heard Island is biologically pristine: there is no record of any human-introduced species. The 1983 DXpedition to Heard Island I never forget this Dxpedition to this remote area of the world. My friend Walt W7SE,was one of the Heard Island crew. Walt, who was an engineer of Aramco, was very active from Saudi Arabia, using the call HZ1AB. He did get the call VK0SE., to use on Heard Island. However, Walt never became active from Heard Island. The boat, the crew hired, did leave Perth for Heard Island, and found two times a big storm on its way. Two time the vessel did return to Perth, to reload fuel. After the second attempt, Walt did ran out of spare days, and had to return to Saudi Arabia, back to his job there. He only can say, I did carry the gear on the boat to Heard Island. In 1983, as you see on the QSL, I was lucky to get in the log. It was one of the last days, VK0CW was operating. Pile-ups where enormous. They where working split and I did not have a second VFO. A SWL friend of me, Cor, (he became PA3FPB (SK)), living next door brought his receiver, so I could go split operation. I heard the operator saying up 61. My guess 14.061, was the right one, as you can see on the QSL. The Ship This 1983 trip to Heard Island is a story on itself, but the return-trip from Heard Island back to Perth is even more unbelievable. Therefore you must see the video... The ship that should not have .. It did not suprise me, that the 1995 plan, to reactivate Heard-Island, was cancelled. The reason The ship,the expeditioners did hire, was unable to sail..... This first attempt to reactivate Heard Island, did cost them a lot of money. New plans were made for another try in 1997... Finally they succeeded. Do you want to read more about this adventure? Then read the book VK0IR, Heard Island, ISBN 0- 9626013-7-3, written by Robert W. Schmieder, KK6EK. It tells the complete story. Again Heard Island. In 2015, I got an email from Robert Schmieder, KK6EK. In Visalia, Califorrnia, he did meet my good friend Bob, W7LR. Bob was invited to tell the 1948 Story of his participation to The Mountains of the Moon. Bob told KK6EK about my website for reading the whole story of his 1948 Adventure in East Africa. Robert found my story and was surprised to read on this page about HIS book of Heard Island. Robert told me he was busy in organizing another trip to Heard Island. I was not allowed to spread out this news. The email however did give me the chance to be a member of this new DXpedition. Unfortunately the costs of that adventure were far too much for me. This new trip took place 1in April 2016 (without me). The vessel Bravehaert, and the crew of Nigel Jolly make the whole trip possible. Read more about this trip on one of my other pages.
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Heard island

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