In 2005, PA0ABM did again organize the CONDIN, a get together of FOC members. Each year the get together weekend is organised in a different country, and the 2004-CONDIN was organised by DJ6SI, Baldur. Annie and I did take the organization for the 2005 happening. This time the CONDIN was organized in Ossendrecht, a border-village in the province of Noord Brabant. Below you find a report of what happened during the weekend of May 14, 2005 Introduction Ossendrecht is one of the five villages of the municipality of Woensdrecht. Huijbergen our new QTH belongs also to Woensdrecht. The village of Ossendrecht lies on the Dutch-Belgian border, just 25 kilometers north of Antwerp, Belgium. The area is surrounded by forest, a typical water catchment area. Annie and I watched the weather forecast each day of the week before the ConDin. It was very depressing and Jules, ON4WD, our Antwerp city guide advised us to bring umbrellas. In fact we could not have wished for better weather, it was an unforgettable sunny day! Ossendrecht lies in the Southern part of the Netherlands and those traveling North, via Antwerp had no problem in finding their way, even the road works caused them no difficulties. It was not long after the early guests arrived, at the Hotel, before old friendships were renewed and conversations began. The ladies also seemed to have no problems in this respect!! Nigel, G3TXF, and Anneliese, phoned from the railway station in Essen to say there were no taxis available but I soon had that problem solved. The conversations caused much hunger and thirst but the Hotel staff quickly remedied that problem. The program for the weekend was distributed, together with the railway tickets for the Saturday trip to Antwerp. On Saturday morning we drove in a string of cars to Essen where we were to catch the train. There were many speed restrictions on the road and the journey took quite a time but we still had time to spare to find a parking place before we boarded the train to Antwerp. Everyone enjoyed their first view of Antwerp as they drew into the station. The station is a magnificent building and was built in 1905. We visited the famous diamond museum. This is a popular place to visit and that became apparent to us when we saw the many bicycles parked at its entrance. We each received a personal electronic guide so we were able to go through at our own speed and received additional information from the attendants who readily answered any of our requests for further information. When we left the museum, Jules, ON4WD took over to be our guide through his home-town, the place of his birth. He first led us to a sunny avenue where we quenched our thirst and enjoyed the food of the area. The journey continued and it was apparent that this was not just a big shopping area but it was like a journey back into history. Some visited 'The Reuben's House' while others took the risk of a hike into 'The Vlayekensgang' the smallest street in the town centre. The Grote Markt, with its Guild Houses, built in the sixteenth and seventeenth Century, was most impressive. Even statues came to life. Time was running short so we had to terminate our visit to Antwerp and head back to Ossendrecht but some were keen to return at a later date to continue their site-seeing of this amazing town. One member was even prepared to climb the 661 steps of the majestic and imposing high tower of the ' Onze lieve Vrowe' Gothic Cathedral. The dinner was super and there was sufficient food to refill the plates as often as desired. Everyone enjoyed the Hot and Cold Buffet. Unfortunately Ken GW3KGV and Margaret were unable to attend this years ConDin. It was the first time they had missed out in about twenty years but they sent me an e-mail explaining their position which I read out to those attending. During the course of the conversations Ken, DL8LBK and Alex let it be known that they were prepared to organize the ConDin 2006 in Kaltenkirchen in Germany. It was quite late before the last person headed for bed or went home.. Annie and I held open house on the Sunday morning. It was rather chilly outside in the garden but those attending stayed outside to listen to Frans and Lianne play their bagpipes. We then headed inside and it wasn't long before the men had found my roomy shack in the attic. The ladies took a close look at Annie's hobbies of quilt making and gem stone collecting etc. Naturally everyone found something to interest them and to talk about. All good things soon come to an end and this was true of the ConDin weekend. It was a pleasure for us to see all the happy faces and we would like to thank all those who were with us in our new home in Ossendrecht and Huijbergen 161, Annie and Wino, PA0ABM
FOC - CONDIN Every year there is a FOC Dinner somewhere in England. And Oversea members of FOC do organise also a Continental-Dinner, the CONDIN. The Dinners are the social events of the FOC club members and their parters and invitees. The American members have their own American Dinner.

ConDin 2005, Ossendrecht-Netherlands

Leif, OZ1LO in QSO with Louis, PA0LOU Bicycles al over Antwerp Enjoying the sun on one of the terasses of the Muir, shopping area Jules, ON4WD shows us his town Anwerp Dennis, F5VHY (G3MXJ) and Gerd, DJ4KW talking aboiut DX Living statue at the Grote Markt, Antwerp The shortest street of Antwerp, Vlayekensgang Robert Leo, QRV on top band as W7LR from Montana XYL of G3TXF,  XYL of DJ6SI, XYL of DJ2BW Herman, DJ2BW and Nigel, G3TXF talking about DXing Frans, PA0INA and Ann, XYL of PA0LOU Lianne, PA3FZZ, XYL of PA0INA playing for joy Baldur, DJ6SI and Gerd, DJ4KW Anne, XYL of F5VHY (G3MXJ) BO, OZ8ABE, Leif, OZ1LO and Frans, PA0INA Wino PA0ABM and ABM-Annie in the kitchen
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