Section IV: Field Checking of QSL Cards QSL cards for new DXCC awards and endorsements may be checked by an approved DXCC Card Checker. This program applies to any DXCC award for an individual or station. Awards available can be found in Section I: Basic Rules, Rule 1. 1) Entities Eligible for Field Checking: a) With an exception for 160 Meters, cards for all current and deleted entities dating back to November 15, 1945 can be checked. Cards for 160 Meters can only be checked by Card Checkers who currently hold an active 160 Meter DXCC, ARRL Headquarters staff who have been authorized by the Manager of the Radiosport Department, or existing Card Checkers who agree to allow their work to be vetted by the Radiosport Department. The Manager of the Radiosport Department shall make a special reporting form available for this purpose. 160 Meter Card Checkers can be found on the complete list of DXCC 160 Card Checkers. b) The ARRL Awards Committee determines which entities are eligible for Field Checking. 2) DXCC Card Checkers: a) Nominations for Card Checkers may be made by: i) The Section Manager of the section in which the prospective checker resides. ii) An ARRL affiliated DX specialty club with at least 25 members who are DXCC members, and which has DX as its primary interest. If there are any questions regarding the validity of a DX club, the issue shall be determined by the division director where the DX club is located. A person does not have to be a member of a nominating DX club. iii) By Division Director. The Division Director may appoint as many Card Checkers as there are Sections within their Division. iv) By IARU Member Societies and reviewed by the ARRL International Affairs Vice President. Offices of non-IARU Societies may make nominations if those associations are determined to be eligible by the ARRL International Vice President. v) By the Manager of the Radiosport Department. The Radiosport Manager may appoint temporary "At- Large" Card Checkers on an as-needed basis to cover specific events for the duration of those events. At-Large Card Checkers must meet all requirements of the DXCC rules for Card Checkers, unless specified in writing by the Radiosport Manager. Headquarters staff and ARRL Board Members may also be appointed by the Radiosport Manager as At-Large Card Checkers. b) Qualifications: i) Those nominated as a Card Checker must be of known integrity, and must be personally known to the person nominating them for appointment. ii) Candidates must be ARRL members who hold a DXCC award endorsed for at least 150 entities. iii) The applicant must be willing to serve at reasonable times and places, including at least one ARRL sectioned hamfest, or Section, State or Division ARRL Convention each year. iv) The applicant must have e-mail and internet capabilities, be willing to check QSLs for all applicable phases of the ARRL DXCC program and maintain a current e-mail address with the DXCC desk. c) Approval: Appointments of DXCC Card Checkers are made by the Director of the ARRL Division in which they reside following consultation with the Field Services and Radiosport Manager. i) Appointments are made for a two year period, or the current term of the appointing Director or Section Manager, whichever ends first. Retention of appointees is determined by their performance of the duties of the position as determined by the Director of the Division in consultation with the DXCC desk. 3) Card Checking Process: a) Only eligible cards can be checked by DXCC Card Checkers. An application for a new award may contain any number of QSL confirmations from the list and shall not contain any QSLs that are not eligible for this program. The application may contain any number of cards, subject to eligibility requirements and fees as determined by Section I, Basic, 15. b) It is the applicant's responsibility to get cards to and from the DXCC Card Checker. c) Checkers may, at their own discretion, handle members' cards by mail. d) The ARRL is not responsible for cards handled by DXCC Card Checkers and will not honor any claims. e) The QSL cards may be checked by one DXCC Card Checker. f) The applicant and DXCC Card Checker must sign the application form. (See Section I no. 11 regarding altered, forged or otherwise invalid confirmations.) g) The applicant shall provide a SASE addressed to ARRL HQ, or, sufficient postage, to the DXCC Card Checker for mailing applications to ARRL HQ. The applicant shall also provide the applicable fees (check or money order payable to ARRL; credit card number and expiration date is also acceptable. Cash is OK, but not recommended). h) The DXCC Card Checker will forward completed applications and appropriate fee(s) to ARRL HQ. 4) ARRL HQ involvement in the card checking process: a) ARRL HQ staff will receive field-checked applications, enter application data into DXCC records and issue DXCC credits and awards as appropriate. b) ARRL HQ staff will perform random audits of applications. Applicants or members may be requested to forward cards to HQ for checking before or after credit is issued. c) The applicant and the DXCC Card Checker will be advised of any errors or discrepancies encountered by ARRL staff. d) ARRL HQ staff provides instructions and guidelines to DXCC Card Checkers. 5) Applicants and DXCC members may send cards to ARRL HQ at any time for review or recheck if the individual feels that an incorrect determination has been made.