Deleted Entities This is a list of all 62 Deleted DXCC entities on the ARRL DXCC Entities List. The ARRL DXCC List publication is available from the ARRL Publication Department for $5.95 plus shipping. To order this publication please visit the ARRL Store. Note: While no longer current, the entities on this list can still be used towards the DXCC awards noted in Section I rule 1 (a-q). Deleted entities do not count towards the Honor Roll, 5 Band DXCC and the DXCC Challenge. Credit for any of these entities can be given if the date of contact in question agrees with the date(s) shown in the corresponding Startdate-Enddate columns. The ARRL DXCC List is also available from our Publication Sales Department for $5.95 each plus shipping. In addition to the List, the paper copy includes: the DXCC rules, DXCC Award Application, ARRL DXCC Card Checkers, Incoming and Outgoing QSL Bureau information and more. Card Checkers Effective April 2, 2012 DXCC card checkers can check all current and deleted entities on the DXCC list. Also, only approved DXCC card checkers can check 160 Meters. For the list of approved 160 Meter cardcheckers (noted in Red) .Use this quick-reference PDF to find an authorized DXCC Card Checker. In addition to DXCC, ARRL DXCC card checkers are authorized to check cards for these other ARRL or IARU awards: WAS (Worked All States) VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club) WAC (IARU Worked All Continents)