DXCC Changes 1998-2005

Changes from 1998 to 2005 Entities January 1998: Active 329, Deleted: 57, Withdrawn 9 A late deletion of Southern Sudan (ST0) This year, 1998, Southern Sudan (ST0) was added to the Deleted list. Following the First Sudanese Civil War, the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region was formed in 1972 and lasted until 1983. Between 1987 and 1989 a Council for the South existed in Southern Sudan. In 1995, the opposition in north Sudan united with parties from the south to create a coalition of opposition parties called the National Democratic Alliance. It is not clear that this caused the removing of South Sudan on the DXCC list. QSOs with Southern Sudan (ST0) count from May 7, 1972 until December 31, 1994. Of course you could have worked South Sudan in 1995, 1996 and 1997. It would be an unpleasant surprise reading the message that ST0 was a Deleted Entity since January 1, 1995. It is difficult to cover this delayed messages in this history of DXCC. The bolded lines of the total Entities in every page of this history follow from now the Dates mentioned in the DXCC Countries List and Deleted List, and not as before in this Postwar History, the How’s DX? messages in QST. (DX is !!) DXCC will have some new rules Also in 1998 the DXCC Searchers found parts of the world which should be new Entities. Not because of the actual DXCC Rules, but the new ones which should be presented by ARRL in 2000. Because of these rules Austral islands (FO/A) and Marquesas islands (FO/M) were added to the DXCC list. Thes island groups were part of French Polynesia and followed the new rule (Point 2b(i)) and (Point 2b(ii)) of DXCC. QSOs with Austral Islands (FO/A) and Marquesas Islands (FO/M) count from April 1, 1998 DXAC made it very clear that this was NOT a joke. The DXCC list shows that QSOs with Austral Islands and Marquesas Islands count AFTER 23:59 UTC of March 31, 1998. (DX is !!) Temotu Province (H40), new for DXCC Temotu Province (H40), part of the Solomon Islands, became also a new Entity. Also this province was added because of (Point 2b(i)) of the new rules. Temotu is the easternmost province of the Solomon Islands. The province was formerly known as Santa Cruz Islands Province. It consists, essentially, of two chains of islands which run parallel to each other from the northwest to the southeast. Its area is 895 square kilometers (346 square miles). QSOs with Temotu Province (H40) count also AFTER 23:59 UTC March 31, 1998 Entities January 1999: Active 331, Deleted: 58, Withdrawn 9 Rebirth of an old Country, Palestine On 15 November 1988 in Algiers, Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), proclaimed the establishment of the State of Palestine. The Oslo II Accord of 1983 divided the Israeli- occupied West Bank into three administrative divisions: Areas A, B and C. The distinct areas were given different statuses. The Palestinian National Authority was formed to govern the areas A and B in the West Bank, comprising 165 "islands", and the Gaza Strip. "Area C" (under control of Israel) means areas of the West Bank outside Areas A and B, which, except for the issues that will be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations, will be gradually transferred to Palestinian jurisdiction in accordance with this Agreement. Part of Area C was intended to be handed to Palestinians by the end of 1999 In 1999 Palestina (E4) was added to the DXCC list. Palestine was a new state, so surely also a new DXCC Entity. QSOs with Palestina (E4) count fro DXCC from February 1, 1999 There is a lot of information on Wikipedia about the Three areas A, B, and C, much more that can be put in this text. Entities January 2000: Active 332, Deleted: 58, Withdrawn 9 The prefix 4W shows up again in 2000 Timor-Leste (4W) was added in 2000 to the DXCC lst. Timor-Leste exists of the eastern part of the island of Timor, the islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecussi, a politic enclave in the western part of East-Timor, surrounded by West-Timor. (part of Indonesia). After a referendum in 1999 held by Indonesia and Portugal, Timor Leste got independent in 2002. QSOs with Timor-Leste count from March 1, 2000 for DXCC. Chesterfield Islands added to the DXCC Countries List The DXCC searchers found Chesterfield Islands (FK/C) already on the maps. The Chesterfield Islands are a French archipelago of New Caledonia located in the Coral Sea, 550 km northwest of Grande Terre, the main island of New Caledonia, and formed with New Caledonia one DXCC Entity. When New Caledonia (FK) became a member od the IARU the position of the Chesterfield Islands changed. Because of this membership, these group of reefs felt under (Point 2a) of the DXCC rules. So Chesterfield Islands had to be a DXCC Entity. QSOs with Chesterfield Islands (FK/C) count from March 23, 2000. Would it be strange if I think that New Caledonia was pushed to become a IARU member to make Chesterfield Islands a new DXCC Entity? (DX is !!) Entities January 2001: Active 334, Deleted: 58, Withdrawn 9 Pitcairn a new IARU member Ducie Eiland (VP6D), which belongs to Pitcairn Island, became also a new DXCC Entity and was added in 2001 to the DXCC list. The approval of IARU membership for the Pitcairn Island Amateur Radio Association (PIARA) on November 15, 2001 paved the way for activation of Ducie Island as an all time new DXCC Entity. Ducie is the most isolated island of the four Pitcairn Islands. The nearest land is henderson Island, which lies 354 km to the West/Northwest. Adding of Ducie Island to the DXCC Countries List happened because of a geographic reason described in (Point 2b(i)) of the new DXCC rules. QSOs with Ducie Island (VP6D) count from November 16, 2001 for DXCC Entities January 2002 Active 335, Deleted: 58, Withdrawn 9 The DXCC Searchers did not find any new Entities which could possibly become a new DXCC Entity. So, the next four years from 2002 to 2005 the DXCC list and the Deleted list kept unchanged. Was 2001 the last time our DXCC Countries List did change? Read on in the next page. DXCC changes 1998-2005 Entities December 2005 : Active 335, Deleted: 58, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 04
Second vist of PA3CXC to Southern Sudan. It was the last DXpedition to ST0 (12.000 QSOs) Palestine was a DXCC Entity before WW II. First DXpedtion to Palestine, February 18, 1999 (7 Mhz CW) Timor Leste, 4W not CR10 as before witth Portugese Timor Don't ask how I managed to work these guys on 80 and 160 Meters CW VP6DIA was the second DXpedition to Ducie. The first was VP6DI in early 2002