DXCC Changes 1977-1981

Changes from 1977 to 1981 Entities January 1977: Active 319, Deleted: 44, Withdrawn 9 1977 was a quiet year, Nothing changed on the DXCC list and Deleted list. Entities January 1978: Active 319, Deleted: 44, Withdrawn 9 Geyser Reef deleted (QST January 1978, page 78) A deletion to the ARRL DXCC list is Geyser Reef, deleted as of March 1, 1978, by reason of Rule 4 of the Countries List Criteria (unadministered area). There was a note from the DXAC about this deletion. ‘This action brings the grand total on the ARRL DXCC list to 363; 318 current and 45 deleted’ March 1, 1978 was the date Geyser Reef (VQ9/G) was moved to the Deleted list. Madagascar annexed the Reef after they heard the rumors that there was oil on the Reef kondigde. The French however did not agree with this move. They controlled the region and decleared that Geyser Reef was part of the Glorioso Islands. And these islands did belong to Reunion, and Reunion, of course, was French territory. Geyser Reef was deleted because of Rule (4) of the Countries List criteria. (unadministered area). QSOs with Geyser Reef count from May 4, 1967 until February 28, 1978 If Geyser Reef always belonged to France, why then does the Reef count as a separate Entity from May 4, 1967 until February 28, 1978? Should QSO’s with Geyser Reef count for a Glorioso credit? All the time since November 15, 1945? (DX is !!) Rio de Oro deleted (QST July 1978, page 58) A deletion to the ARRL DXCC list is Rio de Oro, deleted as of August 1, 1978. Spain relinquished control of this area, which was absorbed by Morocco (CN) and Mauritania (5T). This message is very strange, A deleted Entity which can NOT be found on the Deleted list. Instead If you look at the current DXCC list, you will find the Entity of Western Sahara (S0). And if you read note 1 and 27 you will read that S0 is an unofficial prefix, and that all contacts with Rio de Oro also count for this Entity. So Rio de Oro did only get a different name on the DXCC List The message in QST does not cover this change in the DXCC list. (DX is !!) United Nations and Southern Sudan added to DXCC list (QST October 1978, page 64) Two new countries to be added to the ARRL Countries List. 4U1UN, United Nations Headquarters, New York. QSOs made on or after February 4, 1978, count for this country. ST0, Southern Sudan, QSOs made on or after May 7, 1972, count for this country. QSOs with United Nations-HQ (4U1U) do count from February 4, 1978 The DXAC made a conclusion. If the ITU-Buiulding in Geneva belongs to the DXCC list, then this was even more thru for the building of the United Nations in New York. So another building U.N. Complex New York (4U1U) was put as an Entity on the DXCC list. The United Nations is headquartered in New York City in a complex designed by a board of architects. The complex has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since its completion in 1951. I can not figure out why QSO’s count starting February 4, 1978.(DX is !!) South Sudan (ST0) The First Sudanese Civil War (also known as the Anyanya Rebellion or Anyanya (snake venom) I was a conflict from 1955 to 1972 between the northern part of Sudan and the southern Sudan region that demanded representation and more regional autonomy. Half a million people died over the 17 years and the war was divided into four major stages: initial guerrilla warfare, the creation of the Anyanya insurgency, political strife within the government and establishment of the South Sudan Liberation Movement. The Addis Ababa Agreement, also known as the Addis Ababa Accord, was a set of compromises within a 1972 treaty that ended the First Sudanese Civil War. and causing the state of South Sudan. Reason for the ARRL to add South Sudan to the DXCC list. QSOs with South Sudan (ST0) count from May 7, 1972 as a DXCC credit. Entities January 1979: Active 320, Deleted: 45, Withdrawn 9 The addition of Desecheo to the DXCC list ( QST August 1070, page 82) Upon recommendation of the DXAC, the island of Desecheo is hereby accepted for country status. This action precedes the changes in the DXCC rules concerning separate administrations and entities. All contacts with Desecheo made after March 1, 1979, will be credited beginning September 1, 1978. Again a piece of rock on the DXCC list Desecheo is a smal uninhabitated island west of Puerto Rico. During World War II, and until 1952, the island was used as a bombing range by the United States Armed Forces. From 1952 to 1964 the United States Air Force used Desecheo for survival training. In 1976 administration of the island was given to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and in 1983 it was designated as a National Wildlife Refuge. Control of the island in hands of the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service since 1976. The DXCC searchers (the DXAC !!) found this fact seven years later. So Desecheo Island (KP5) was added then to the DXCC list. QSOs with Desecheo Island (KP5) count from March 1,1979 for DXCC Why not 1976? (DX is!!) Canal Zone deleted (QST December 1979, page 90) The Canal Zone (KZ), as of October 1, 1979, became a deleted country on the DXCC list. All contacts made before October 1, 1979, will count as the Canal Zone. All contacts made on and after October 1, 1979, will count as Panama (HP). The Panama Canal Zone (KZ5) was an unincorporated territory of the United States from 1903 to 1979, centered on the Panama Canal and surrounded by the Republic of Panama. The zone consisted of the canal and an area generally extending five miles (8.0 km) on each side of the centerline, excluding Panama City and Colón. The Canal Zone was abolished in 1979, as a term of the Torrijos–Carter Treaties two years earlier; the canal itself was later under joint U.S.--Panamanian control until it was fully turned over to Panama in 1999 QSOs with Canal Zone (KZ5) count until September 30, 1979. Entities January 1980: Active 320, Deleted: 46, Withdrawn 9 Okino Torishima deleted (QST, Sept. 1980, page 72) By recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee, the ARRL Awards Committee has taken the following actions: APPROVED the deletion of Okino Torishima, JD1/7J, as a separate DXCC country, effective December 1, 1980. Contacts after that date will be credited to Ogasawara, JD1. REJECTED separate country status for all the South African "homelands" (presently include Transkei, Boputhatswana and Venda). Credit for contacts with stations in the South African "Homelands" will be given for the Republic of South Africa, ZS. The DXAC has again REJECTED granting contact credit to a participant of a DXpedition for that DXpedition when an actual contact has not taken place. Because of the action was Okino Tori-shima added to the Deleted list, starting December 1980, . Those crazy adventures to activate 7J1, because of an aniversary of the JARL became history. Or NOT?? Okino Tori-shima or Parese Vela was again part of the Ogaswara Islands. Japan claimed a 200 mile zone around the atol because Okino Torishima was big enough. China, South Korea and Taiwan did not agree with this claim. Their argument was that the atol did not follow the “definition of an island under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.”. Okino Tori-shima was eroding fast, and if this process did continue, the atol soon would disappear und the sea a high ty. Japan did of course a lot of work to prevent this. Between 1987 and 1993 the government of Tokyo and later the central government built steel breakwaters and concrete walls to stop the erosion of Okino Tori-shima, which today leaves only three of the five rocks that were present in 1939 above water; in 1988 the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center built a marine investigation facility which it has since maintained following typhoon damage. Funding for full repairs was finally allocated in early 2016. The facility also doubles as an observation post for the Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, being equipped with radar and various other sensors to help monitor activity in the zone. This work did cost more than 600 Million Dollar, but you can land on the rocks with a helicopter. I doubt if Okino Tori-shima will become again a DXCC Entity, It is too close to the other Ogasawara Islands. Okino Tori-shima should have been NEVER on any Entity list. In 2026 the JARL will celebrate their 100th aniversary, so who knows?. DX is !! QSOs with Okino Tori-shima (7J1) count from May 30,1976 until November 30, 1980. Entities January 1981: Active 319, Deleted: 47, Withdrawn 9 Change to DXCC Rule 12 (QST February 1981, page 68) In response to voluminous input from the membership regarding the recent growing practice of "forced donations" for QSLs, upon the unanimous recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee, the ARRL Awards Committee has modified DXCC Rule 12 as follows: 12) Operating Ethics: (a) Fair play and good sportsmanship in operating are required of all DX Century Club members. In the event of specific objections relative to continued poor operating ethics, an individual may be disqualified from the DXCC by action of the ARRL Awards Committee. (b) Credit for contacts with individuals who have displayed continued poor operating ethics may be disallowed by action of the ARRL Awards Committee. (c) For (a) and (b) above, "operating" includes confirmation procedures. End quote. Sometimes DXCC rules change a bit, mosly for adding a proposed new Entity. But a change like this one above could also happen.In QST of June 1981 you could read that 5BDXCC award No. 1000 went to K2XA. History comes to life, SMOM added (QST November 1981, page 80) New DXCC country; the ARRL Awards Committee has accepted the recommendation of the DX Advisory Committee to add the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the DXCC list of countries. Previous contacts with 1A0KM will count for DXCC credit, but cards should not be submitted before January 1, 1982. Cards submitted before that date will be returned without credit. Who has not read the exiting stories about the crusaders or heard the adventures in history lessons on school? There were also Roman-catholic knights who did medical work during the crusades. They all gathered into a movement. The name of the movemant was Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta or in short The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) The Order of Malta had a special sovereign state, such as Vatican City, (HV) but without own land. They kept diplomatic contact with over one hundred countries but without being a member of the United Nations nor the European Union. However the Maltese Order is from 1994 one of the 15 Observer Members of the United Nations (the same as the Holy Seel, the PLO and the Red Cross. According to the Order, their embassies and residences are an extraterritorial area. In short, the DXCC searchers made it happen that S.M.O.M. (1A) was added to the DXCC list. The prefix 1A is NOT an official one. I wonder if the DXCC Searchers can find another building of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta somewere in the world which could count as a new Entity. The Order may use with limited extraterritoriality some of the upper portion of Fort St. Angelo in the city of Birgu in Malta. Of course QSOs with SMOM (1A), naturally count from November 15,1945. DXCC Changes from 1976 to 1981 Entities December 1981: Active 320, Deleted: 47, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 03
Another activity from Don, W9WNV Strange prefix for Geyser reef YM belongs to Tukey) Strange prefix for Geyser reef YM belongs to Tukey) EA9DE from Rio de Oro (Now Western Sahara) 4U1UN, a building in New York with DXCC rules Map of Rio de Oro (Western Sahara) First ST0 (South Sudan) activity) First ST0 (South Sudan) activity) KZ5 Canal Zone, deleted in 1979 Desecheo Island, a new Entity in 1979 7J1RL, bij vloed ONDER water Fort St. Angelo, Malta with flag of the Order 1A0KM the official S.M.O.M. station in Roma Parece Vela, ofwel Okino Torishima Parece Vela, ofwel Okino Torishima