DXCC Changes 1976-1976

Changes in 1976 Entities January 1976: Active 320, Deleted: 40, Withdrawn 9 Self government for Gilbert & Ellis islands Tuvalu (VR8) was added to the DXCC list in December 1975 and QSOs did count from New Years Day of 1976. A referendum, which took place in 1974 was the reason of this addition, because the Gilbert & Ellis islanders did choose to be independent. The name of the new Country was Tuvalu QSOs with Tuvalu (VR8) count from January 1, 1976 for DXCC The DXCC Searchers found again some Islands which should be Entities on the DXCC list. This time they figured out that Sable island (Canada) had a kind of other government than other parts of the country. Not the Canadian government but the Canadian Coast Guard was in charge. And Sable island did separate St. Paul islannd from its “Mothercountry”. Reason enough to add Sable Island and St. Paul Island on the DXCC list. Sable & St. Paul Islands added to list (QST January 1976, (page 72)) Announcement is hereby made of two additions to the ARRL Countries List: Sable Island, VX9, and St. Paul Island, VY0. The addition of Sable Island is based on Point 1 of the criteria used for Countries List additions ("...a distinctively separate administration.") and St. Paul Island by reason of Point 3 ("separation by foreign land"). Contacts made after November 15, 1945, with either Sable Island or St. Paul Island, may be submitted for DXCC credits starting February 1, 1976. No DXCC credits will be given for any operations from Sable Island, or St. Paul Island until it has been established that landing and operation from those islands was done under specific permission from the proper authority. QSOs with Sable Island and St. Paul island count from November 15, 1945. Watch the prefixes of both Entities, VX9 and VY0. ARRL did write a follow up on the adding of the two Canadian Islands to the DXCC List. Detailed discussion of countries criteria (QST February 1976, (page 71)) Recently, some of the feathers of the DXing fraternity and other amateurs were ruffled by a decision to declare a couple of Canadian islands off Nova Scotia eligible for listing as a separate "country" in the DXCC list. The remarks made and allegations leveled brought to focus the need for some discussion of the procedures and problems involved in deciding what constitutes a "country" on the list. To begin with, you will note that we put the word country in quotes. Some DXCC traditionalists dislike the quotes, because through the decades that DX has so preoccupied much of the amateur fraternity it has become such a common term as to have a specialized definition of its own as applied to amateur radio, like cw. A country is an addition to the ARRL countries list, a confirmed contact with which will give you one more point toward the coveted DX award, whichever one you are shooting for. Never mind the dictionary definition. If we adhere to the latter, the word "entities" would probably be closer to what we mean. But let's not get bogged down in semantics. We'll call them countries, without the quotes. There are four criteria for consideration in determining a new DXCC country Etc… Later the word Country was changed to Entity for DXCC purposes. CW Honor Roll announced. (QST mei 1976, (pagina 49)) Attention holders of the CW DXCC Award. Starting with the June, 1976, issue of QST, there will be an Honor Roll listing shown for the CW DXCC. For the purposes of establishing the first such listing, CW DXCC holders having a total of at least 108 undeleted credits on their CW DXCC record may make a submission. DXCC CW (only) became more and more important for the CW man and women. An Entity present for the JARL The most weird Entity, Okino Tori-shima. (7J1). was added in May, 1976. The liitle piece in the Chinses Sea, which is always bolow the surface of the sea did get a special treatment because the JARL did celebrate her 50th aniversary. 7J1RL was activated from this tiny spot by building a pipe-construction on the rocky atol. Really the weirdest DXCC Entity ever. And this addition cannot be confirmed by any DXCC rule. (DX is !!) Okino Tori-Shima added to list (QST May 1976, (page 49)) As part of the year-long celebration of the Japan Amateur Radio League's 50th anniversary, ARRL is pleased to announce the addition of Okino Tori-shima to the ARRL Countries List. Even though Okino Tori-shima does not quite meet the specified mileage used in conjunction with additions made to the ARRL Countries List, an exception has been made for this one event and is effective with the activation of the JARL DXpedition to Okino Tori-shima. Advice from JARL indicates that the DXpedition to Okino Tori-shima is scheduled for June or July of 1976. A further announcement will be made concerning submission of confirmations for DXCC credits for contacts with the JARL DXpedition at such time as the operation does take place. ARRL is please to join with hams worldwide in celebration of the JARL's golden anniversary. QSOs with Okino Tori Shima. (7J1) count for DXCC from May 30, 1976. RTTY and 160M DXCC awards announced. (QST Oct. 1976,(page 72)) DXCC applications for a "RTTY" and "160" DXCC will be accepted for processing starting November 1, 1976. The "RTTY" and "160" DXCCs will not be endorsed for credits over the 100 mark so it will not be necessary to submit more than a few extra confirmations. The few over the 100 mark should insure that there will be at least 100 creditable confirmations. Confirmations for contacts made November 15, 1945, or after, will be acceptable for both the "RTTY" and "160" DXCCs. ARRL membership is required for DXCC applicants in Canada, the U.S. and possessions, and Puerto Rico. Novices are exempt from this requirement. There is no fee for the applications. However, funds must be sent with the application to provide for the safe return of the applicant's confirmations. There was already a DXCC-Mixed, a DXCC-Phone and a DXCC-CW award. So the DXCC-RTTY (only) made the whole complete. And what to think about then DXCC-160 meters. Wow. Sent to the Deleted list in 1976 Four Entities were removed from the DXCC list and filled the Delete list a bit more. Three Entities Aldabra Islands (VQ9/A), Desroches (VQ9/D), and Farquhar Island (VQ9/F) became deleted because they did become a part of the Seychelles. You will not find an announcement of these deletions in QST. (DX is !!) On November 8, 1965, the United Kingdom split Desroches from the Seychelles to become part of the newly created British Indian Ocean Territory together with Farquhar, Aldabra and the Chagos Archipelago, but returned it to the Seychelles with the first two. The purpose was to allow the construction of a military base for the mutual benefit of the United Kingdom and the United States. On June 23, 1976, Desroches was returned to Seychelles as a result of it attaining independence. QSOs with Aldabra (VQ9/A), Desroches (VQ9D ) and Farquhar (VQ9/F) count until June 28, 1976. The fourth Entity which became a Deleted one was Portugees Timor (CR8-CR10). In 1949, Netherlands India became the independent country of Indonesia. Dutch Timor was now also Indonesian territory but Portugese Timor stayed und Portugese control. After the Cornatian revolution, this Entity decleared itself independent and choos the name East Timor. Short after this, East Timor was annexed by Indonesia got the name Timor Timur and became the 27th province of this Country. This annexation was not approved by the United Nation. Portuguese Timor deleted (QST November 1976, (page 76)) Announcement is hereby made of one deletion from the ARRL Countries List - Portuguese Timor, shown on the list at CR8. This deletion is made in view of the fact that what was Portuguese Timor has become the 27th province of the Republic of Indonesia. Only contacts made prior to September 15, 1976, count as Portuguese Timor. Contacts made September 15, 1976, and after, count as Indonesia. QSOs with Portugese Timor (CR8-CR10) count for DXCC until September 14, 1976 Entities December 1976: Active 319, Deleted: 44, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 03
Sable Island, a new one Not VY9 but CY9 This was the second 7J1 DXpedition (now deleted) Again a deleted one of PA0ABM Harvey Brown was a soul mate of Gus Browning Portugese Timor was added again later as Timor Leste