DXCC Changes 1974-1975

Changes from 1974 to 1975 Entities January 1974: Active 322, Deleted: 33, Withdrawn 9 Tibet and Zanzibar deleted from list (QST June 1974, (page 95)) Announcement is hereby made of the deletion of Tibet (AC4) and Zanzibar (5H1 (or VQ1)) from the ARRL Countries List. In view of political realities, in the continuing review of the entities on the list, a concensus was reached that the two listings no longer warrant separate consideration. Any contacts made June 1, 1974 and after with stations located in Tibet will be creditable toward the China (BY) listing, while contacts with stations located in Zanzibar will be creditable toward the Tanzania (5H3) listing. As of June 1, 1974, this will make a maximum possible total of 355 with a possible total of 35 deletions. Therefore, submissions which may be made in June for DXCC Honor Roll consideration can be made on the basis of a minimum undeleted total of 311. QSOs with Tibet count until May 30, 1974 (AC4 was not an offical prefix) QSOs with Zanzibar count for DXCC until May 31, 1974 Again a minor difference of one day for a Tibet (AC4) credit. (DX is !!) DXCC-Rules (Point 1) Great. DXCC rule Point 1 became more and more important. Kingman Reef (KH5K) which belonged to the Palmyra and Jarvis Islands, was apparently governed by the U.S. Navy and not under control of the Palmyra Department of Interior. as the rest of the group. Good results for the DXCC Searchers. Kingman Reef added (QST September 1974, (page 101)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Kingman Reef, KP6. Geographically, Kingman Reef is located at the northernmost tip of the Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is owned by the United States. This addition to the ARRL Countries List is made under point 1 of the criteria (see October 1972 QST, p. 131) by virtue of its separate administration from that of Palmyra and Jarvis Islands. . The QSO startdate for Kingman Reef (KP6 (and later KH5K)) is of course November 15, 1945. Entities January 1975: Active 321, Deleted: 35, Withdrawn 9 A Brandnew DXCC award in 1975 In 1975 the DXCC CW (only) came into vision. Because of many mails, sent to the ARRL with the happy continuing life of the DXCC Phone award as result.. So the second attempt to stop the the DXCC Phone failed. But now the CW enthousiasts wanted a CW only DXCC award. And see, this wish became reality. The startdate for DXCC-CW credits was January 1, 1975. A new start for the CW- DXers. CW DXCC announced. New fee schedule. (QST April 1975, page 83) Announcement is hereby made of the availability of a new DXCC award and a new fee schedule for all DXCC awards. The new DXCC award is for CW only. Applications for it will be accepted starting June 1, 1975. Credits for the CW DXCC must be for contacts made January 1, 1975 and after. A new fee schedule for all DXCC Awards and endorsements will go into effect starting June 1, 1975. All new applications for the DXCC award must contain $10.00 U.S., (or 56 IRCs). This $10.00 will be used to return the applicant's confirmations by registered firstclass mail, the certificate, the DXCC lapel pin and handling. While applications may be made for any, or all, of the DXCC awards at the same time, the $10.00 application charge applies to each of the applications. Each subsequent submission for endorsement (or completion of a new application) must contain a handling Split and Merge The year 1975 was also a year that five Entities got deleted, and four new ones did fill some of the gaps on the DXCC list. The Comoro Islands (FB8/FH8) were split into two new Entities Comoros (D6) and Mayotte (FH). The Comoro islands became independent but Mayotte refused to join the islands and stayed under control of France. QSOs with Comoro Islands count until Juli 5, 1975 QSOs with Comoros and with Mayotte count from July 6, 1975 This Split and merge was NOT printed in any 1975 QST. (DX is !!) Blemheim Reef (VQ9/B) dissapeard to the Deleted list. Blenheim Reef was,, when it became a new Entity, a piece of no man’s land. The Reef became a part of the Chagos Archipelago on June 29, 1975 after Mauritius claimed ownership of Blenheim Reef. Also Sikkim (AC3) did move to the Deleted list. Sikkim was an independent country, governed by the Chögyal-Monarchy. The country was invaded by India, and this country claimed ownership of Sikkim. After a referendum passed on April 30, 1975 Sikkim bacame the 22th province of India. The namne did not change. Sikkim and Blenheim Reef deleted (QST September 1975, (page 91)) Effective July 1, 1975, AC3 (Sikkim) and Blenheim Reef became deletions on the ARRL Countries List. The deletion of Sikkim is made in view of Sikkim becoming an integral part of India. Contacts made with Sikkim on or after May 1, 1975 will be credited towards the India listing. The deletion of Blenheim Reef is made in view of recent information received indicating Blenheim comes under the administrative jurisdiction of the Commissioner of the British Indian Ocean Territory. Contacts made with Blenheim Reef July 1, 1975 or after will be credited towards the Chagos (VQ9) listing. QSOs with Sikkim (AC3) count until April 30, 1975 (AC3 was not an official prefix) QSOs with Blenheim Reef count from May 4, 1967 until June 30, 1975 Two additions, two deletions to list (QST December 1975, (page 88)) Announcement is hereby made of two additions and two deletions to the ARRL Countries List. The two additions are Papua New Guinea and Tuvalu. The two deletions are Papua Territory and Territory of New Guinea. The deletions of Papua Territory and Territory of New Guinea, and the addition of Papua, New Guinea, are in view of the final stage of the combining of the Territory of New Guinea with Papua and the independence of Papua Territory from Australia. Confirmations of contacts with stations located in Papua, New Guinea dated September 16, 1975, and after will be creditable toward the new Papua, New Guinea listing. The prefix of stations operating in Papua, New Guinea is currently P2. Also the Big island of New Guinea caused a change in the DXCC list. But here, the two parts Papua Territory (P2) and Territory of New Guinea (VK9) merged into the new Entity of Papua-New Guinea (P2). The former Dutch part of the island was captured by Indonesia in 1963. QSOs with Papua Territory (P2) and Territory New Guinea (VK9) count until September 15, 1975 QSOs with Papua New Guinea (P2) count from September 16 1975 for DXCC On January 1, 1975, an administrative separation will be made in what currently is, and has been, the Gilbert and Ellice Colony. The Ellice Islands will become a Crown Colony, completely separate and no longer a part of the Gilbert and Ellice Colony. The name will be known as Tuvalu. It is expected that the prefix for stations operating from Tuvalu will be VR8. DXCC credits for Tuvalu will be for contacts made January 1, 1976, or after. The Ellis Islands/Tuvalu change is the first announcement the DXAC made BEFORE the change did come into action. (DX is !!) DXCC Changes from 1967 to 1975 Entities December 1975: Active 320, Deleted: 40, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 03
AC4 is een prefix van de USA Zanzibar is now 5H1 (Kenya) A deleted one, Comoro Islands A big DX pedition FH5, Mayotte Island VK9 and P2 merged into P2 Papua Jim Smith was also operator of HZ1AB This P2 was deleted in 1975 A new Entity, Tuvalu (VR8) start january 1, 1976