DXCC Changes 1969-1973

Changes from 1969 to 1973 Entities January 1969: Active 322, Deleted: 27, Withdrawn 8 Birth of a new DXCC award The year 1969 was the start of the 5 Band DXCC award. The rules were simple, confirmation of at least 100 Entities on each of the bands 80-40-20-15-10 Meters. This caused of course a lot of activity on the lower bands. The efforts DXpeditions had to make became bigger. Often the DXers did expect that the DXpedition would be QRV on any of these 5 bands. And of course you could aply also for the PHONE version of the 5 Band DXCC award. Ifni deleted (QST August 1969, (page 102)) Announcement is hereby made of the deletion of Ifni from the ARRL Countries List. Only contacts made before May 13, 1969 will be creditable toward the Ifni listing. Contacts with stations located in the former Spanish territory of Ifni made after that date will be counted toward the Morocco listing. This deletion will affect Honor Roll totals as of Aug. 1, 1969. Therefore, Honor Roll submissions for the month of Sept. 1969 will be based on deleted totals of 312 CW/F and 311 Phone. Until 1952, Ifni region had the status of a protectorate. In this year, the region became part of Spanish West Africa (Entity that grouped the colonies of Spanish Sahara and Cape Juby). After the Ifni War (1957), most of the territory became occupied de facto by Morocco. In 1958, the colony was made into a Spanish province in order to forestall United Nations criticism of continued colonisation. Following a treaty signed on January 4, 1969 and ratified April 22, 1969, Spain formally returned the territory to Morocco on June 30, 1969. QSOs with Ifni count until May 13, 1969. (Why not until June 30, 1969? And why is there a difference in Honor Roll calculations in CW and Phone?) (Dx is!!) Entities January 1970: Active 321, Deleted: 28, Withdrawn 8 Who seeks who finds Who seeks who finds. Market Reef (OH0) was discovered. This Entity was added because the reef, were you can find three houses, follow the Point 3 rule of the DXCC. Often the prefix OJ0 is used, but you have to pay to get a licence with a OJ0 Prefix. Using OH0 is also possible, this is free of charge. After Marked Reef became an Entity the lighthouse keeper became a ham and got the call OH0AM. Market Reef belongs to two countries, Finland and Sweden. The Swedish part is NO separate Entity, it counts for Sweden. DXpeditions to the Swedish part did use the calls of SI8MI and 8S9M Market Reef added (QST March 1970, (page 84)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Market. Market is an island located exactly on the boundary line between Finland and Sweden and directly opposite the Aland Islands. Separate country status for Market is in accordance with Point 3 of the criteria (see page 88, February 1969 QST). Operation has taken place from Market under the call sign OJ0MR QSOs with Market Reef count from November 15, 1945 Entities January 1971: Active 322, Deleted: 28, Withdrawn 8 Kuwait/Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone deleted (QST, April 1971, (page 107)) Announcement is hereby made of the deletion of the Kuwait/Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone (9K3/8Z5) from the ARRL Countries List. Only contacts made before December 18, 1969 will be creditable toward that listing. DXCC Honor Roll listings will be affected by this deletion as of April 1, 1971. Honor Roll submissions made during the month of June will be based on deleted totals of 312 CW/F and 312 Phone. This Neutral Zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia did exist since 1922. The area was added to both countries according old border-maps. The division was signed on December 17, 1967 and ratified on December 18, 1969. QSOs with 8Z5 count until December 14, 1969 for DXCC Is this a typo on the lastest Deleted list? The message in QST and the ratification is dated December 18, 1969. And why did ARRL made the announcement not in 1970? (DX is !!) Abu Ail/Jabel At Tair added (QST August 1971, (page 104)) Announcement is hereby made of one addition to the ARRL Countries List, Abu Ail and Jabel At Tair. These islands, located in the Red Sea, qualify for separate country status under point one of the DXCC criteria relating to a distinctively separate administration. No man’s land becomes a DXCC Entity In 1971 there was another small success of the DXCC Exploring team. The Searchers found Jabal at Tair Island in the Red Sea as a piece of land belonging to no one. The island was added to the DXCC list with the name of Abu Ail Island (ET/A) because of (Point 1) (no government, no mans’land). The Entity did never get a real prefix. The vulcanic island belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The Frenc got permission to build a lighthouse on the island. Maintenance became under controol of a Britisch company. But to wich country belonged this island? Eritrea, Ethiopia or Yemen? The Yemeni build a smal military station with two lighthouses on the island . After a vulcanic eruption in 2007 the island became uninhabitated. Abu-Ail Island QSOs QSOs count from the birth of the Postwar DXCC, November 15, 1945 Annobon Island added (QST, October 1971, (page 101)) It was much clearer to wich country the Entity Pagula Island or Annobon Island (3C0) belongs. Equatoriaal Guinea for sure.. Rule Point (2b) was the reason the Entity got on the DXCC list. Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the Countries List of Annobon Island. Annobon Island is located off the west coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea and is territory belonging to Equatorial Guinea. The consideration of Annobon Island as separate from Equatorial Guinea comes under point 2(a) of the criteria, (see page 88, February, 1969, QST). QSOs with Annobon Island counts from November 15, 1945 Entities January 1972: Active 323, Deleted: 29, Withdrawn 8 Okinama goes back to Japan On May 15, 1972 Okinawa (KR6) (RyuKyu islands) was transferred to Japan. However the U.S. Airforce did hold some support point on the island of Okinawa the main island on the island-group. Okinama was deleted from the DXCC list. The Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announced the assignment of the new prefix, JR6, to the islands which have been under U.S. Trusteeship since the end of World War II. Special provision has been made for operation by U.S. amateurs using the prefix KA6. KR6 deleted (QST May 1972, (page 124)) Announcement is hereby made of the deletion from the ARRL Countries List of the Ryukyu Islands (KR6,8). This deletion is made in view of the retrocession of the Ryukyu Islands to Japan. DXCC credits for contacts made prior to May 15, 1972, may be claimed for the Ryukyu Islands listing. Contacts made May 15, 1972, and later, will be creditable as Japan. JARL advises that stations located in the Okinawa Islands will be issued the prefix JR6. Calls issued to U.S. Military attached personnel in the Ryukyu Islands will use the KA6 prefix. QSOs with Okinawa (KR6) count until May 14, 1972 for DXCC. Maria Theresa withdrawn, Minerva Reef deleted (QST September 1972, (page 106)) Announcement is hereby made of two actions being taken which concern the ARRL Countries List and DXCC credits. 1) Effective as of October 1, 1972, the Maria Theresa listing which has appeared on the ARRL Countries List is removed and all DXCC credits which have been given for that listing will be annulled. Information which has been gathered leaves no question but that no island, reef, or shoal exists in the area between 36 degrees 50 minutes South to 37 degrees 15 minutes South and 150 degrees 45 minutes West to 151 degrees 37 minutes West, the area in which Maria Theresa was alleged to be located. Official government charts of numerous soundings made in this area show no depths of less than 2850 fathoms. 2) Effective as of October 1, 1972, the listing which appears on the ARRL Countries List of Minerva Reefs will become a deleted country and only contacts made prior to July 15, 1972, will be creditable towards the Minerva Reefs listing. The Kingdom of Tonga has annexed Minerva Reefs. Because Minerva Reefs is less than 500 miles from Tonga, it no longer meets any of the points of the criteria for separate status on the ARRL Countries List. In 1972, real-estate millionaire Michael Oliver, of the Phoenix Foundation, sought to establish a libertarian country on the Minerva reefs. In 1971, the organization constructed a steel tower on the reef. The Republic of Minerva issued a declaration of independence on 19 January 1972. Morris Davis was elected as the President of Minerva However, the islands were also claimed by Tonga. An expedition consisting of 90 prisoners was sent to enforce the claim by building an artificial island with permanent structures above the high-tide mark. Arriving on June 18, 1972, the Flag of the Tonga was raised on the following day on North Minerva and on South Minerva three days later. The King of Tonga announced the annexation of the islands on June 26; The Tongan claim to the reef was recognized by the South Pacific Forum in September 1972. Minerva Reef (1M) QSOs count for DXCC until July 15, 1972 Probably the DXAC was a bit naive in 1966 to put FO8M, Maria-Theresa Reef on the DXCC list. What kind of information did they use for the addition? The Reef should be located on 37°00' South, and 151°13' West. However no one found the Reef, so nobody made ever a contact from Maria-Theresa Reef. This Reef with its beautiful name was the last ‘Entity’ that became Withdrawn. Mellish Reef added to list. (QST October. 1972, (page 131)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Mellish Reef. Located at approximately 17 degrees 25 minutes South latitude and 155 degrees 52 minutes East longitude, Mellish Reef is territory belonging to Australia. This addition to the Countries List is made under Point 2(a) of the criteria. (See Operating News lead.) Submissions for DXCC credits of confirmations for contacts with Mellish Reef may be made starting November 1, 1972. Confirmations for Mellish Reef credits received before November 1, 1972, will be returned without credit. Happy, there was also something positive in 1972. Another Reef was drifting toward the DXCC list. Mellish Reef (VK9M) became a DXCC Enity because it felt under (Point 2a) of the DXCC rules.. Of course Mellish Reef QSOs do count from November 15, 1945. A problem with Mellish Reef (QST December 1972, (page 100)) Most unfortunately, serious questions have been raised concerning the operations that have taken place from Mellish Reef and until such time as the validity of the points in question have been ascertained, no DXCC credits for Mellish Reef have been, or will be, made. Therefore, please do not submit any Mellish Reef confirmations for DXCC credits until an announcement does appear in QST. Because of the delay in granting DXCC credits for Mellish Reef, the bottom number for the December submissions for DXCC Honor Roll will be 311 deleted and submissions for that total will be accepted. Entities January 1973: Active 321, Deleted: 31, Withdrawn 9 There was another Entity that got on the DXCC list. It was Mount Athos (SV/A) a penisula in Greece. Oros Athos (transleted: Mount Αthos) is a peninsula in the Northeast of Greece. in the Province of Macedonia. The penisula is governed as an autonomous polity within the Hellenic Republic. Mount Athos is home to 20 monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. The Athonite monasteries feature a rich collection of well-preserved artifacts, rare books, ancient documents, and artworks of immense historical value, and Mount Athos has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1988. Only men who have the right documents can visit Mount Athos. Swan Island (KS4) disappeared from the DXCC list. Two countries, the United States and Honduras claimed to be the owner of the island. The claim was withdrwan by the United States in 1972. Swan Island QSOs count for Honduras (HQ/HR) starting September 1, 1972 Mt. Athos added, Swan Island deleted (QST February 1973, (page 98)) Official announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Mt. Athos. Located on the eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, Greece, Mt. Athos is a community devoted to religion and nothing else. It is considered to be a Theocratic State within Greece and is unique in its distinctively separate administration with relation to the rest of Greece. Consideration as a separate entity on the ARRL Countries List is therefore made under Point 1 of the Criteria (see page 131, October, 1972 QST). Announcement is hereby made of the deletion from the ARRL Countries List of Swan Island (KS4). This deletion is made in view of treaty agreements between Honduras and the United States recognizing the sovereignty of Honduras over the Swan Islands. The treaty was ratified September 1, 1972. Swan Island DXCC credits may be claimed for contacts made with FCC authorized stations through August 31, 1972. Contacts with stations operating from Swan Islands under authorization by Honduras, made September 1, 1972 and after, will be considered the same as contacts with Honduras. Mounth Athos (SV/A) QSOs count from November 15, 1945 QSOs with Swan Island (KS4) count until August 31, 1972 for DXCC. Separation of Germany and East Germany Since World War II, Germany was divided in two parts, Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) and East Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR)). Both with their own governments. In 1972 they recognised this fact. After ratification of the ‘Grundlagenvertrag’ both countriues became a separate member of the United Nations. This changed the DXCC list. Germany was deleted and two new ones Germany (DL) and German Democratic Republic (Y2) were added to the DXCC list. This happend on September 17, 1973. Germany deleted. East and West Germany added (QST November 1973, (page 115)) Announcement is hereby made of one deletion and two additions to the ARRL Countries List. The deletion is the present listing of Germany. The additions are the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. DXCC credits for the two new listings may be claimed for contacts made with these countries on or after September 18, 1973. Contacts made with stations therein before September 18, 1973, will be creditable toward the German listing only. Contacts made September 18, 1973 and after with stations located in West Berlin will be credited toward the Federal Republic of Germany listing. Stations located in East Berlin will be credited toward the German Democratic Republic listing. DA-DM QSOs count for DXCC credit until September 16, 1973. QSOs with Germany and Deutsche Demokratische Republiek (count from September 17, 1973. Watch the announcement. Who cares about September 18, 1973, (DX is !!) DXCC Roster. (QST December 1973, (page 87)) 20616 Certificates have been issued as of Sept. 30, 1973. W6AM and W9BG are on top with 351 mixed, while on phone W6AM and W8GZ lead with 349 Wow, more that twenty thousand DXCC awards are issued. Can you imagine the workload for ARRL to get all DXCC work done? As we can see in this little note, Charley Mellen is not mentioned. Now the best DXer is Don Wallace, W6AM. But Don did miss some Entities, his all time total on mixed mode is 351 but he could have credits for (322+33 = 355 Entities. (DX is !!) Probably the workload on DXCC was the reason that the DXAC did make the announcement to discontinue the DXCC Phone certificate. No new issues, and no more endorsement for the DXCC Phone. This was the message in QST, March 1973 (page 115): Phone DXCC to be eliminated Upon recommendation of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee, effective September 1, 1973, the DXCC Phone Award will be discontinued and no further phone credits, as such, will be made to DXCC records as of that date. All DXCC Awards issued on or after that date will be for the CW/F type only. Yess of course there was lot of talking about the second time DXCC Phone should resign. In September 1973, the DXAC decided that the proposed discontinuance of the phone DXCC award would be postponed for a period of one year to enable further assessment of membership opinion by the DX Advisory Committee. (to be Continued..) Entities December 1973: Active 322, Deleted: 33, Withdrawn 9
Postwar DXCC - 03
Ifni, moved from Spain to Morocco in 1969 5band DXCC Wow  Nr 1 was issues in 1969 OJ0B by Martii OH2BH and his crew HZ2AMS got the special permission First annonbon DXpedition by OH2BH and OH2MM One of my first Deletced Entities Okinawa KR6 The first DXpedition to mellish Reef First Mount Athos activity with  a new prefix SY1 Swan Isdland now belongs to HR-Honduras East Germany DDR a new one until 1989 Old Germany (Distrct of Berlin) Also a new one West Germany OJ0B by Martii OH2BH and his crew 1M4A Minerva Reef was worked by OE1HGW (SK)