DXCC Changes 1967-1968

Changes in 1967 and 1968 Entities January 1967: Active 321, Deleted: 25, Withdrawn 8 Farquhar added to list (QST Mar. 1967, (page 103)) Announcement is hereby made of an addition to the ARRL Countries List. The addition is FARQUHAR. Farquhar, formerly one of the Seychelles, is now one of the islands making up the British Indian Ocean Territory. Contacts made with amateur stations on Farquhar November 10, 1965 or later will be counted as separate from the rest of the Seychelles. Honor Roll credits for Farquhar QSLs may be claimed in March, all others in accordance with DXCC submission rules announced in January, 1966 DXCC Notes. On November 1965, The British Government did separate Desroches from the Seychelles. Desroches became, together with Farquahar, Aldabra en de Chagos Archipelago a part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. The reason for this change was to build a military foothold for the British and for the U.S. Army Desroches was already a new DXCC Entity. Farquhar (VQ9) was added as a new Entity in 1967. QSOs with Farquhar (VQ9) count from November 10 1965 In the Deleted list this date is November 15, 1945 (DX is!!) Statement on DXCC policies (QST, September 1967, (page 10)) DXCC ... new ARRL Awards Committee rules clarification on DXpedition credit is designed to update requirements in keeping with expanded DX activities, and to assure validity of DX credits before they are granted. Committee now requires supporting evidence for DXpedition operations prior to crediting contact; previous policy was generally to accept reasonable assurance that operations were as claimed until and unless contrary evidence was presented. Documentation will be required both of license status and actual presence at claimed locations. In an attempt to avoid future difficulties no credits will be allowed for future DXpeditions until there has been a submission of evidence that the DXpedition was properly conducted in all respects, including licensing authority, actual presence at the claimed location, and so on. Because circumstances vary with each operation, a hard and fast list of required material and information cannot be given without, perhaps, causing undue hardship. DXpeditioners are urged to maintain full and complete records, including the originals of licenses, authorizations and letters received, copies of all letters and applications sent, a running log showing arrival and departure times at each port and other stopping points, name or number of aircraft or vessels employed, and receipt of transportation and lodging. Deletion of credits for several DXpeditions (QST September 1967, (page 92)) Announcement is made of the deletion of credits for several DXpedition activities which took place during the past year 1966: a) K1IMP/KC4, Navassa, because of violation of rules and policies of the U.S. Coast Guard, which prohibit presence on the island without permission. b) VU2WNV, Laccadive Islands, because the Government of India has stated that the license issued to W9WNV did not authorize Laccadives operation. c) VQ9AA/C, Chagos, because of inability of the licensee to establish that he was actually present on Chagos. d) PY0XA, St. Peter and Paul's Rocks, because of inability of the licensee to establish that he was actually present on the Rocks. e) VK2ADY/0, Heard Island, because the Postmaster General of Australia has stated the license did not authorize operation from the island, and the Department of External Affairs of Australia has stated permission to go to the island was denied. Two more operations disallowed for DXCC credit (QST December 1967, (page 100)) Announcement is hereby made of two operations which will not be accepted for DXCC credit: a) 1A6SBO, Bishop's Rock (Rocas Alijos) , because it has not been shown that the operation came within Rule 8 of the DXCC Rules, If this woul;d count for DXCC it would have been a conformation for Mexico b), 1B9WNV, Blenheim Reef, because of inability to establish actual presence on Blenheim Reef. QSO's for the (now deleted) DXCC entity of Blenheim Reef count from May 04,1967. Don Miller, 1B9WNV was QRV in January, 1967, so it never counted for Blenheim Reef. The island (if it can be called that) counted as Chagos at that time,. The prefix appears to be made up. The workload for the DXAC became a bit to high after some DXpeditions occurred. Remember this was the time of no ‘Personal’ computers. The deletion of the Credits mentioned above was a hell of a job. On September 30, 1966, 12,050 certificates were sent out to the world. How many hams lost these five credits? (DX is !!) 1967 was the year Israel was in a six day war with its neighboring countries Egypt, Jordan and Syria. In consequence of this war, the Entity of Palestine (ZC6) was removed from the DXCC list in 1968. Entities January 1968: Active 322, Deleted: 25, Withdrawn 8 Deletions of Kuria Muria and Palestine (QST July 1968, (page 102)) Announcement is hereby made of two deletions to the ARRL Countries List. These deletions are Kuria Muria (VS9H) and Palestine. (ZC6) Contacts made with Kuria Muria November 30, 1967 and after will be considered the same as contacts with Sultanate of Muscat & Oman (MP4M, VS9O). The Palestine (ZC6) listing, comprised of the UN Truce Area bordering on Israel, no longer exists and therefore that listing is being deleted. QSOs with Kuria Muria Island (VS9H) count until November 30, 1967 for DXCC QSOs with Palestine (ZC6) count until June 30, 1968 for DXCC Add Blenheim Reef and Geyser Reef to list (QST September 1968, (page 108)) Announcement is hereby made of two additions to the ARRL Countries List -- Blenheim Reef and Geyser Reef. Since there is no apparent claim by any country to these reefs, no prefix will be shown. Confirmations for contact only after May 4, 1967, will be accepted for DXCC credits starting September 1, 1968. The operation of VQ8CBN on Nelson's Island in the Chagos posed a difficult problem for the Awards Committee as concerns country credit. The status of Nelson's Island became confused during the transfer of Chagos to the British Indian Ocean Territories, to the extent that even the Administrator of BIOT states that Nelson's Island's "status before the recent amending order in council was not technically clear." The Committee has thus concluded, admittedly somewhat arbitrarily, to accept VQ8CBN cards for credit towards the Chagos Island grouping. Blenheim Reef (VQ9/B) got its name from the ship Blenheim when it was on the journey from London to Bombay and they accidently fount he reef on its path. The reef was rediscovered by The DXCC Searchers in 1967. On the same date another tiny spot was found by these DXCC Explorers. They found also Geyser Reef (VQ9/G), the original name of this reef is Banc Du Geyser. Both Entities, added to the DXCC list in 1968, never got an official prefix. VQ9/B and VQ9/G are fiction. Both reefs were removed from the DXCC list in 1975 (Blenheim) and 1978 (Geyser). QSOs with Blenheim Reef and Geyser Reef count AFTER May 4, 1967 Watch the latest deleted list. There you will find another startdate, May 4, 1967 (DX is !!) Rules for 5BDXCC (QST October 1968, (page 110)) The purpose of the 5BDXCC Award is to encourage more uniform DX activity throughout the amateur bands, encourage the development of more versatile antenna systems and equipment, and provide a new challenge for old timers as well as newcomers to DXing. The award does not supersede the basic DXCC award, but is in addition to it. 1) The 5BDXCC Award is available to all licensed amateurs, except that in Canada, the United States and possessions, and Puerto Rico the applicant must be a full member of ARRL. 2) DXCC Rules 6,7,8,9,11,12,15 and 16 (see attached) shall apply to 5BDXCC; DXCC Rule 10, with substitution of a date of Jan. 1, 1969, shall also apply. Anyone disqualified from 5BDXCC under DXCC Rule 11 shall automatically be disqualified from DXCC. Anyone disqualified from DXCC is not eligible for 5BDXCC. 3) The 5BDXCC Award will be issued after checking submission of a minimum of 500 different confirmations representing two-way communication with 100 different "countries" (per the ARRL Countries List in effect at the time of application) on each of five amateur radio bands. Phone and C.W. segments of the band do not count as separate bands for this award. 4) Confirmations showing contacts by any legal mode will be accepted. However, no contacts made by cross-mode or cross- band are acceptable, nor will endorsement for mode be given or indicated. Contacts using repeaters or repeater satellites are not acceptable. 5) Application for 5BDXCC will be accepted only if submitted completely on a standard form supplied by ARRL headquarters. A charge of $10.00 (U.S.) will be made for each such form. This charge will cover cost of return of cards by first class registered mail and purchase and forwarding of a personalized plaque commensurate with the difficulty and effort required to achieve this award. 6) Only QSL card confirmations will be accepted. No credits will be given for confirmations via DX contest or other logs. 7) Only confirmations showing a contact date of Jan. 1, 1969, or later will be accepted for credit for this award. Entities December 1968: Active 322, Deleted: 27, Withdrawn 8
Postwar DXCC - 03
Farquhar group, now a deleted DXCC Entity
K1IMP/KC4 Navassa Isl. by Don Miller W9WNV and Herb Kline K1IMP This operation was disallowed by DXCC. The U.S. Coast Guard was in control of Navassa at that time. Permission was needed from the U.S. Coast Guard to land on Navassa. Don did not get this permission but went to operate anyway. Don Miller (at Dayton 2003) said this operation was legitimate and should be counted.
Navasssa Island DX pedition. Does NOT count for DXCC Chagos. Does NOT count for DXCC. Don could not prove he was on the island. Chagos. Does NOT count for DXCC. Don could not prove he was on the island. 1B9WNV does NOT count for DXCC 1B9WNV does NOT count for DXCC (watch the date of the QSO) Geyser Reef Blenheim Reef This Geyser Reef QSL does NOT count for DXCC (QSO-Date) This Geyser Reef QSL does NOT count for DXCC (QSO-Date) Proud to get this Plaque for working 100 Entities on 5 dillferent bands.