DXCC Changes 1964 -1966

Changes from 1964 to 1966 Entities January 1964: Active 310, Deleted: 26, Withdrawn 6 Are there anymore new Entities? The DXCC Searchers found more and more ‘strange” Entities. In January 1964, The islands of Kuria Muria (VS9K) was added to the DXCC list. This was because control of this island came in hands of the British "Chief Political Resident of the Persian Gulf", who had office in Bahrein. The adding was political (Point 3) And another Neutral zone on the border of Saudi Arabia was found. This time it was an area on the Iraq/Saudi Arabian border. The name of the new Entioty became Saudi Arabia Iraq Neutral Zone (8Z4) In the Indian Ocean another fish could be captured. Crozet Island (FB8W). Crozet, an Antarctic island belonging to the Kerguelen group was added because of Point 2b of the DXCC rules. But the most rare DXCC Entiyty which did hit the DXCC list was the building of the ITU iHeadquarters in Geneva, Switserland. (prefix 4U1) In this building, control was in hands of the United Nations. So it happened. because of Point 1, that a building became an DXCC Entity. Hatts of for the DXCC Searchers !! At the end of 1964, over Ten-Thousand DXCC awards were issued. In September the Certificates- counter did reach 10,138. Kuria Muria added (QST, January 1964, page 101)) Announcement is hereby made of one addition to the ARRL Countries List. The addition is VS9H...Kuria Muria Islands. The Kuria Muria Islands are located in the Arabian Sea off the southwest coast of Oman. These islands are British territory administratively attached to Aden. The separation of the Kuria Muria Islands is in accordance with Point 3 of the criteria as shown in the July, 1963 issue of QST. Kuria Muria Islands QSO’s count from November 15, 1945. (There was no start date given!!) ITU Headquarters added (QST, February 1964 (page 92)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of the International Telecommunications Union Headquarters at Geneva. This listing will appear on our list as 4U1...ITU Geneva. Acceptance of the ITU Headquarters as a separate entity on our Countries list is based on "distinctively separate administration" (Point 1 of our criteria: see July 1963, QST). Those credits that have been given for contacts with the ITU Headquarters at Geneva toward the Switzerland listing will be automatically transferred upon submission of a confirmation for a Switzerland contact. QSO’s with ITU HQ (Geneva) count from November 15, 1945. Again no start date was given. And adding of your ITU Headquarters credit could be a problem if you had already a credit fro Switserland from a QSO with the Geneva building. (DX is !!) Crozet Islands added (QST, April 1964 (page 96)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of the Crozet Islands. The Crozet Islands are located in the South Indian Ocean at about 46 degrees 30 minutes south latitude and 31 degrees east longitude. Acceptance of the Crozet Islands as a separate entity on our Countries List is based on Point 2(b) of our criteria; (see July, 1963, QST DXCC Notes). QSO’s with Crozet island count from November 15, 1945 Saudi Arabia/Iraq Neutral Zone added (QST, Augustus 1964, (page 104)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of the Saudi Arabia/Iraq Neutral Zone. Authorized operation from this Neutral Zone has taken place under a prefix of 8Z4. Acceptance of this area as a separate entity on our Countries List is based on "distinctively separate administration," (Point 1 of the criteria; see July, 1963 QST DXCC Note). Saudi Arabia Iraq Neutral Zone QSO’s count from November 15, 1945. Entities January 1965: Active 314, Deleted: 26, Withdrawn 6 In these articles about the DXCC award, the human part is not highlighted. However this is not forgotten, but DXpeditions, DX stories, and DXers can be found elsewhere on this or other websites. Back in 1965, DXCC became the motherload of my activity on the bands. In that year I did make my first QSO with my call PA0ABM. That call is still in use. More Islands for the the DXCC List Because of the adding of a building to the DXCC list, the year 1965 started with 317 Entities on the DXCC list. The DXCC Searchers with their boundless energy did have again some success in their search of uninhabitad or self controled islands. They found two new ones, San Felix Islands (CE0) and St. Peter & Paul Rocks (PY0P). By adding this ones, (Point 2a) it was clear for the DXCC searchers that their work was not done. Just a few pieces of Rock, somewhere in the world Oceans could hit the DXCC list. Singapore did return to the Active DXZCC countries List. With this move the Active list go one more Entity, while the Deleted list was reduced with one entry. There was also some news from Turkey published in QST (October 1965, page 34). The TRAC, (Turkiye Radyo Amatorleri Cemiyeti) or "The Turkish Radio Amateur Association." was publishing a magazine with the intent of training new amateurs. And the government of Turkey was writing new regulations. Up until this date, attempts to establish amateur radio in Turkey were a bridge too far. San Felix Island added (QST, June 1965, (page 113)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of San Felix Island. Located some 550 miles off the central west coast of Chile, San Felix is a territory belonging to Chile. Acceptance of this island is in accordance with point 2(a) of the criteria; see July, 1963 QST DXCC Note And as usual QSO credits do count from the start, November 15, 1945 Change in status of Singapore (QST, October 1965, (page 124)) Announcement is hereby made of a change in the ARRL Countries List regarding DXCC credits for contacts with stations located in Singapore. This change will be as follows: Contacts made with stations located in Singapore before September 16, 1963 and after August 8, 1965, will be credited as Singapore. Contacts made with stations located in Singapore September 16, 1963 to August 8, 1965, inclusive, will be credited as West Malaysia. This change will remove Singapore from the deleted countries. Honor Roll totals will be adjusted in accordance with this change in the November issue. This change is neither an addition nor a deletion. Confirmations for Singapore credit may be submitted at any time. I do not agree with the line ‘This change is neither an addition nor a deletion”. Singapore was on the Deleted list and got removed from that list. So Deleted minus 1. And the active list got one more Entitiy, Singapore. So Active plus 1. (DX is !!) St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks added (QST, November 1965, (page 112)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks. Located some 600 miles North East of Natal Brazil, St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks is territory belonging to Brazil. Acceptance of this territory is in accordance with point 2(a) of the criteria; see July, 1963 QST DXCC Note. QSO credits for St. Peter & Paul Rocks count from the start, November 15, 1945 Entities January 1966: Active 317, Deleted: 25, Withdrawn 6 Searching for Rocks The list of DXCC members did grow over 11.000 the past year. Adding of Peter & Paul Rock was of course controversial and beat the bushes. The DXCC Searchers did get even better maps and charts to look for possible new Entities. Spratley Islands , Ebon Atoll and Comoran Reef were added in January 1966. And in July 1966 another three areas were added because of Point 2a. These three were. Desroches, Maria Theresa Reef, and Minerva Reef. Of course very good maps were needed to find this tiny, almost invisible peaches of land. The year 1966 was a good year voor shops selling expensive maps to the DX-hunters who wanted to know the heading of their beam for these new ones. The Spratley Islands did belong to no one. Too many countries (Vietnam, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam) believed to be the “owner” of these islands. No official prefix could be awarded to Spatley islands. Even today these Islands don’t have an official prefix. Ebon Atol and Comoran Reef were only for a short time on the DXCC list. No evidence could be delivered that these areas should be added because of some DXCC rule.. Both Entities were withdrawn in december 1966. No DXer did get a DXCC credit for Ebon Atol or Comoran Reef. ARRL was afraid that the Honor Roll and Credit lists in QST would grow to much and soon this would be out of bounds in both administrative workload and magazine space. In order to handle the increased DXCC activity (because of growing Sunspots), ARRL was “streamlining” procedures in a number of areas. DXCC "streamlining" (QST, January 1966, (page 90)) In order to streamline administration of DXCC and provide better handling of applications for certificates and endorsements, the following changes are being made. 1) After this issue, the Honor Roll listing will be carried in the June and December issues of QST. A listing of endorsements and certificates earned below the Honor Roll level will continue in each issue, and the over-all listing will continue in the December issue as at present. All listings will be alphabetical by call sign, under the appropriate country total, as illustrated in this month's Honor Roll listing. 2) Effective March 1, 1966, applications for endorsement stickers will be made in lots of 20 for those whose totals are below 300, and lots of 10 for those with totals over 300. For example, if you have 120 confirmations now credited, you should not make further application until you have 20 more cards, to reach the total of 140. In both cases, your next application would be when you had enough cards to bring you a total of 160. Should you have a total of 303 now credited, an application with seven cards would be accepted, as it would bring you up to a 310 total. QST listings will be shown at the appropriate 20 (or 10) card endorsement levels. 3) Further card submissions from those on the Honor Roll will be accepted only during the months of March and September, for the June and December Honor Roll Listing. If you have enough new cards to bring your corrected total up to that of the last-place station on the previous Honor Roll listing, you may submit them during March or September without being held to the 10-country limitation specified in paragraph (2) above. 4) Up until December 31, 1966, separately-endorsed DXCC certificates will continue to be issued for phone. Each DXCC application after that date may include cards indicating work by any legal mode, but a separate DXCC certificate endorsed for phone will not be issued. Effective January 1, 1967, all endorsements for any DXCC certificate will be issued regardless of mode of operation. That is, if you have a phone DXCC certificate, your applications for further sticker endorsements to your countries total may include both c.w. and phone contacts --- no distinction will be made by ARRL. So in fewer words, the annual December listing of all "current" DXCC participants (those who have submitted certificate or endorsement applications during the previous 24 months) will be continued, including the separate Honor Roll. The Honor Roll will also be carried in the June issue of QST each year. Applications for endorsement stickers will be accepted only in lots of 20, for those with totals below 300, or in lots of 10 above 300. From now the listings are alphabetical by call sign. This procedure will be continued in the future. Finally, because it is no longer necessary to encourage phone operation through the awarding of a separate DXCC certificate for phone, and because the participants on the "combined" and "phone-only" list are pretty much the same fellows, a separate certificate for phone will not be issued after December 31, 1966. After that date there will be but the one DXCC certificate whether you work all 100 countries on CW, PHONE, RTTY, or whatever. Oh boy, No more PHONE awards after the end of this year 1966. (DX is !!) Addition of Spratly Islands, Ebon Atoll, and Cormoran Reef (QST, January 1966, (page 90)) Announcement is hereby made of three additions to the ARRL Countries List. The additions are as follows: Spratly Islands, Ebon Atoll and Cormoran Reef. Spratly Islands is territory with historic claims by four different countries but territory in the possession of no one country. This territory is located approximately 775 miles northeast of Singapore in the South China Sea. Ebon Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands group at 167 degrees East and 4 degrees North. Confirmations for operation from Ebon Atoll made under permission from either Ecuador or the U.N. Trust Territory will be accepted for credit. Cormoran Reef is located in the Western Caroline group at 134 degrees East and 8 degrees North. Operations from Cormoran Reef made under permission from either Costa Rica or the U.N. Trust Territory will be accepted for credit. November 15, 1945 was the startdate for DXCC credits. Three additions to the DXCC list (QST,July 1966, (page 102) Announcement is hereby made of three additions to the ARRL Countries List. These additions are Desroches, Maria Theresa and Minerva Reefs. Desroches, formerly one of the Seychelles, is now one of the islands making up the British Indian Ocean Territories. Contacts made with Desroches stations November 10, 1965 or later will be counted as separate from the rest of the Seychelles. Maria Theresa, French territory, is located in the South Pacific at approximately 152 degrees West and 36 degrees South. Minerva Reefs are located in the South Pacific at approximately 179 degrees West and 24 degrees South. Honor Roll credits may be claimed for Desroches, Maria Theresa and Minerva Reefs in September, all others in accordance with DXCC submission rules announced in January, 1966 DXCC Notes. November 15, 1945 is the startdate for DXCC credits for these Three Entities . Elimination of Phone DXCC canceled ( QST, September 1966, (page 101)) Reference is made to paragraph numbered 4 of DXCC Notes which appeared in January QST, page 90. Responsive to correspondence, and views of League members expressed directly to Headquarters and through the Board of Directors, the indicated date of January 1, 1967 for implementing a change with respect to certificates and endorsements for voice DX work has been postponed indefinitely. So you may continue to work for DXCC voice. And work for Phone-Endorsements. (DX is !!) Ebon Atoll and Cormoran Reef withdrawn (QST, December 1966, (page 95)) Reference is made to the DXCC Note, page 90, January 1966 QST. Announcement was made therein of the addition to the countries list of Ebon Atoll (HC) and Cormoran Reef (TI). The action was based primarily on authorizations issued by recognized representatives of the Ecuadorian and Costa Rican governments. Information developed subsequently indicates that the named countries claim no jurisdiction and that the authorizations were invalid. Accordingly, there was no choice but to revoke the earlier action and delete the two locations from the countries list. Entities December 1966: Active 321, Deleted: 25, Withdrawn 8
Postwar DXCC - 03
Kuria Muria, a DXpedition target Indeed a building as new Entity, 4U1ITU Now difficult to work, Crzet island Operator Vic, W1TYQ was also QRV from 8Z5 Entity San Ambrosio Island DXpedition Location of San Felix Almost a deleted one, SM2CXU became SM0CXU, the last secretary of HZ1AB Withdrawn Entity Comoran Reef New Entity, Desroches Island (Indian Icean) Minerva Reef became deleted, not Withdrawn Withdrawn Entity Ebon Atol