DXCC Changes 1963-1963

Changes in 1963 Entities January 1963: Active 314, Deleted: 15, Withdrawn 5 The changes in 1963 in Asia In 1963 again a lot of changes were made to the DXCC list. In 1945, Soekarno, the president of Indonesia declared Dutch East India to the independent country of Indonesia. But he had to wait until May 1, 1963 when Indonesia (YB) was accepted as an independent country. The Dutch possesions of Netherlands New Guinea (JZ0), Java (PK1-3), Sumatra (PK4), Netherlands Borneo (PK5) and Celebes & Molukken (PK6) were removed from the DXCC list and became a deleted Entity. Manchuria (C9) became deleted on September 1, 1963. This big Entity was already a part of the new China. On September 16, the four Entities Singapore (VS1), Malaya (9M2). Sarawak (VS4) , and British North Borneo (ZC5) did change into two new Entities, West Malaysia and East Malaysia. As of September 30, 1963. there have been issued 9475 DXCC certificates . The changes in Europe In Great Brittain also changes occurred. In March 1963, the Channel Islands (GC) became a withdrawn Entity. Two new ones came into place, Guerncy & Dependencies (GU) and Jersey (GJ). And as had to be done before with Leeward and Windward Islands, you had to dig into the QSL boxes to find out if you had already confirmations from the two Entities. Success of the DXCC Searchers The DXCC Searchers did find also some new Entities in 1963. The first one was Bouvet Island (LA/G). Later the prefix of this Icy Island changed into 3Y. New onbe number two was the island of Juan da Nova (FR/J). And number three was Glorioso Island (FR/G). Alle these new DXCC Entitiies came on the list because of Point 3 (Geographic) of thew DXCC Rules. DXCC Notes in 1963 Bouvet added, Eritrea deleted, Channel Is. split (QST, March 1963, (page 87)) Channel Islands: Heretofore the Countries List has had the single listing of Channel Islands. Confirmations of contacts with all stations in the Channel Islands have been creditable toward this one listing. Upon request, we have reviewed the question of whether this procedure of a single listing for the Channel Islands is a true reflection of the actual basic governmental relation between the Channel Islands and Great Britain. To better reflect the basic governmental relationship between the Channel Islands and Great Britain, effective May 1, 1963, the listing of Channel Islands will be dropped and replaced by two listings, Guernsey & Dependencies, and Jersey. This change will not be considered as a deletion. Credits which have already been given toward the Channel Islands listing will automatically be credited toward the appropriate listing upon presentation of a confirmation for whichever of the two new listings the applicant has not previously submitted. While no difficulty is anticipated in identifying the location of the Channel Island stations, as a possible aid, the Dependencies of Guernsey are: Alderney, Brechou, Great Sark, Little Sark, Herm, Jethou and Lihou. QSOs with Guernsey and/or Jersey count from November 15, 1945. Bouvet Island: This is an addition to the Countries List. Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 1600 miles south of the Cape of Good Hope at Latitude 54 degrees South and Longitude 5 degrees East. Bouvet Island is territory of Norway. As ususal Bouvet QSOs count from November 15, 1945 Eritrea: This is a deletion from the Countries List. Only those contacts made with stations located in Eritrea before November 14, 1962 will be creditable toward the Eritrea listing. Contacts made November 14, 1962 will be creditable as Ethiopia. On November 14, 1962, a plebiscite held by Eritrea determined that Eritrea would unite with Ethiopia. Regrettable to read that Eritrea was deleted. But what about QSOs with Eritrea AFTER November 14, 1962? Of couse the note in QST should have been ‘Contacts made November 14, 1962 AND AFTER will be creditable as Ethiopia.’ But hold on, you mat say !!. Why is this deletion NOT listed on the Deleted list? You will get the answer in the DXCC History of 1991. (DX is !!) Juan de Nova added. Credit for VQ9A/8C deleted (QST, April 1963 (page 82) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Juan de Nova. This listing will encompass the islands of Juan de Nova, Bassas da India and Europa. These three islands are French territory under the administration of the Overseas Department of Reunion. Located in the Mozambique Channel, they are separated from Reunion by the Republic of Malagasy. Prior to the independence of Madagascar (June 25, 1960), these islands were under the administration of Madagascar. DXCC credit claims for contacts with Juan de Nova must be for contacts made June 25, 1960 or later, QSO’s before this date do count as Madagascar. Announcement is hereby made (effective March 1, 1963) of the deletion of all DXCC credits for VQ9A/8C (Chagos Islands) previously made. Confirmations for contacts with VQ9A/8C presented March 1, 1963 and after have been, and will be refused credit. Rule 7 of the DXCC Rules states "In cases of countries where amateurs are licensed in the normal manner, credit may be claimed only for stations using regular government-assigned call letters." Upon request, specific allegations that have been made pertaining to the lack of proper licensing for operation of VQ9A/8C from Chagos Islands have been investigated and found to be substantiated. There does not, however, appear to have been malicious intent to deliberately contravene existing laws concerned with normal amateur licensing by the Mauritius Government authorities. While it is with regret that this rejection for DXCC credit of the VQ9A/8C operation must be made, we strongly urge those interested in DXpedition-type operation to be sure that the legal requirements for their operation have been met. Apparantly all QSO CREDITS for QSO’s with VQ9A/8C Chagos Islands were removed. The call VQ9A/8C had no regular government-assigned call letters. Chagos kept of course on the DXCC list, DX is !! Glorioso Islands added (QST, June 1963 (page 92)) Announcement is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Countries List of Glorioso Islands. Glorioso Islands are French territory under the administration of the Overseas Department of Reunion and located off the northern tip of the Malagasy Republic, which separates them from Reunion. DXCC credit claims for contacts with the Glorioso Islands must be for contacts made June 25, 1960, or later. The Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean consist of four small coral islands, an atoll, and a reef in the Indian Ocean, and have constituted the 5th district of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands though sovereignty over some or all of the Islands is contested by Madagascar, Mauritius, and the Comoros. None of the islands has ever had a permanent population. As you can see on the map of the Glorioso Islands, the mother country Reunion is hidden by Madagascar. DXCC credit claims for contacts with Glorioso Islands must be for contacts made June 25, 1960 or later, QSO’s before June 25, 1960 count as Madagascar. Statement of DXCC criteria (QST, July 1963 (page 94)) Discussions concerning the ARRL's Countries List with regard to country status and the associated criteria have appeared in QST in July 1959 (page 84); April 1960 (page 80); and August 1962 (page 88). These discussions have been presented for the interest that some may have in such matters. For the benefit of those who may not have access to the issues mentioned, we present again a summary of the factors given consideration when requests are made for some specific addition to our Countries List. The ARRL Countries List is a result of some 26 years of progressive changes in DXing. The full list will not necessarily conform completely with the criteria since some of the listings were set up and recognized from pre-war. The general policy has, however, remained substantially the same in the make up of the list and only specific mileages have been added. The specific mileages in Point 2(a) and Point 3, mentioned in the following, have been used in considerations made April 1960, and after. The specific mileage in Point 2(b) is being used in considerations made in and after April, 1963. Any land area in the world can be placed in one or more of the following categories. Where the area in question meets at least one of the points in the criteria it may be considered as a separate entity, i.e. a country, for our Countries List: 1. Government/Administration: An area by reason of Government or a distinctively separate administration constitutes a separate entity. 2. Separation by water: An island, or a group of islands, not having its own government or distinctively separate administration, is considered as a separate entity under the following conditions: 2(a). Islands situated off shore from their governing or administrative area, must be geographically separated by a minimum of 225 miles of open water. This point is concerned with islands off shore from the mainland only. This point is not concerned with islands which are part of an island group or are geographically located adjacent to an island group. 2(b). Islands forming part of an island group or which are geographically located adjacent to an island, or island group, which have a common government or administration, will be considered as separate entities provided there is at least 500 miles of open water separation between the two areas in question. 3. Separation by foreign land: In the case of a Country, such as that covered by Point 1, which has a common government or administration but which is geographically separated by land which is foreign to that Country, if there is a complete separation of the Country in question by a minimum of 75 miles of foreign land, the Country is considered as two separate entities. This 75 miles of land is a requirement which is applicable to land areas only. In cases of areas made up of a chain of islands, there is no minimum requirement concerned with the separation by foreign land. It is hoped that this information will be of assistance. However, should there be a question on some particular area we will be glad to give an opinion. One DXCC addition and five deletions (QST, July 1963 (page 94)) Announcement is hereby made of one addition and five deletions to the ARRL Countries List. The deletions are JZ0 Netherlands New Guinea, PK1-2-3 Java, PK4 Sumatra, PK5 Netherlands Borneo, and PK6 Celebes & Molucca Islands. These deletions are effective as of May 1, 1963. While the May 1, 1963 date of these deletions and addition does have factual significance with regard to the deletion from the list of JZ0, Netherlands New Guinea, the deletion from our list of the four PK listings and the replacement of these listings by the single listing of Indonesia is simply a reflection and adjustment to a reality. The addition to the ARRL Countries List is PK....Indonesia. This listing will encompass the entire territory of Indonesia. Confirmations for creditable contacts with Indonesian stations made May 1, 1963 or later may be submitted for DXCC credit Watch the Prefix of Indonesia in this message. Are there any contact made with Indonesian stations using the PK prefix/. I wonder QSOs with Indonesia do count from May 1, 1963 . QSO’s with Netherlands New Guinea, Java, Sumatra, Netherlands Borneo, and Celebes & Molucca Islands. count until April 30, 1963 Two additions and five deletions (QST, December 1963 (page 104)) Announcement is hereby made of two additions and five deletions to the ARRL Countries List. The five deletions are as follows: VS1 Singapore, 9M2 Malaya. VS4 Sarawak, ZC5 British North Borneo and C9 Manchuria. The two additions are concerned with the Malaysia Federation and will appear on the list as VS1, 9M2...Singapore, Malaya and VS4, ZC5...Sarawak, North Borneo. Confirmations for these two new listings must be for contacts made September 16, 1963 or later. DXCC credit claims for these two new listings may be made starting February 1, 1964. Confirmations received for these listings received [sic] before February 1, 1964 will be returned without credit. The separation of the Malaysia Federation into two separate entities is in accordance with Point 2(a) of the criteria as shown in a DXCC Note in the July, 1963 issue of QST. QSOs with VS1, 9M2...Singapore, Malaya (West Malaya) count from September 16, 1963 QSOs with VS4, ZC5...Sarawak, North Borneo. (East Malaya) count from September 16, 1963 QSOs with Manchuria do count until September 15, 1963. QSOs with Singapore do count until September 15, 1963. QSOs with Malaya do count until September 15, 1963. QSOs with Sarawak do count until September 15, 1963. QSOs with North Borneo do count until September 15, 1963. The year 1963 went into history as the year that the most Entities did get on the Deleted list (8) Entities December 1963: Active 310, Deleted: 26, Withdrawn 6
Postwar DXCC - 03
PK4DA was QRV from Sumatra in the late 1940s until 1950. The first mention of PK4DA in CQ Magazine is in the June, 1946 issue. The December, 1954 issue reports that PK4DA was returning to Sumatra for a 2-year stay, after which he planned to go to the USA and take up permanent residency there. He was unable to be QRV during his last stay in Sumatra, as amateur radio was banned in Indonesia from 1950-67 (tnx Dokufunk). The operator, Arie Bles, was a well known DXer. He was later VK2AVA and became SK in 2002.
Manchuria An old Mancuria QSL Channel Island, Jersey Channel Island, Guernsey Operator was Gus Browning W4B. Was he on the island? A deleted country, but NOT on the Deleted list Gus Browning W4BPD  could not show  license documents Watch te time. Java-Time Dutch Army member A Deleted Country Watch te time. Java-Time Dutch Army member A Deleted Country There was also PK7, Biak (New Guinea, JZ0) The is also a Biak Island QSL with prefix PK7 The were also SWL working for DXCC Serawak, A deleted DXCC country The Malaya Federation did change again later The Malaya Federation did change again later The scatterd islands in the Indian Ocean ( Glorioso, Europe, Juan da Nova etc.)