DXCC Changes 1951-1954

Changes from 1951 to 1954 Entities January 1951: Active266, Deleted: 1 Two new Entities got on the DXCC list Saarland (9S4) and Amsterdam & St. Paul Island (FB8Z). The last one was added because the island-group did meet the Point 2a of the DXCC rules. Before these islands were connected with Kerguelen Island as one country. QSOs with Amsterdam Island & St. Paul Island, (FB8Z) count from November 15, 1945 QST of Apr. 1951, page 76 did show the following message: A new addendum is the country of Saarland, the prefix of which is now 9S4. Confirmations of contacts with Saarland on or after November 8, 1947, will be accepted for DXCC credit. In November, 1950, we announced in QST that Amsterdam Island, FB8, would be grouped with Kerguelen Islands, FB8, on the Countries List. Since the time of that announcement, some additional facts have come to our attention, with the result that we have decided to group Amsterdam Island & St. Paul Island, both FB8, as a country separate from the Kerguelen Islands. Saarland (9S4) however was different. Saarland was established in 1920 after World War I as the Territory of the Saar Basin, occupied and governed by France under a League of Nations mandate. The heavily industrialized region was economically valuable, due to the wealth of its coal deposits and location on the border between France and Germany. Saarland was returned to Nazi Germany in the 1935 Saar status referendum. Following World War II, the French military administration in Allied-occupied Germany organized the territory as the Saar Protectorate from 1947. Saarland became selfgoverning on November 8, 1947, and got own money (Saar-mark) and stamps. QSOs with Saarland (9S4) count from November 8, 1947. Entities January 1952: Active 268, Deleted: 1 In 1952, the DXCC list changed again. The list was added with 2 Entities, the first was Singapore (VS1) Both VS1 and VS2 have counted for Malaya in the Postwar DX Century Club and the ARRL DX Competition. The Crown Colony of Singapore officially came into being on April 1, 1946, so QSL cards from VS1 stations worked on or after that date will be acceptable for Postwar DXCC credit. During WW-II Singapore was occupied by Japan, and came again under British control. In 1966 the prefix for Singapore changed in 9V when Singapore became a separate country. QSOs with Sigapore count from April 1, 1946. QST of October 1952 (page 68) showed the Announcement of the addition of Qatar, a Sheikdom on the Persian Gulf coast of Arabia near Bahrein Island. To our knowledge, no official prefix has been assigned this country. Qatar was occupied by Turkey but thuis changenged after the First Worldwar when Qatar became a British Protectorate. Qatar got the prefix MP4Q, which changed to A7 in 1972 when Qatar got independency. DXCC credit will be given for any Qatar cards confirming contacts made since November 15, 1945. Entities January 1953: Active 270, Deleted: 1 In March 1952 (page 70 of QST), the Sultanate of Masqat and Oman, to be designated as Sultanate of Oman did get on the DXCC list. That what has been previously called Oman is now split into two designations, Trucial Oman, and Sultanate of Oman (MP4M) . In 1952 the only active ham from this country was VS9AW. The prefix of (Sultanate of Oman (MP4M) changed in 1972 in A4. Qatar cards confirming contacts made since November 15, 1945 count for DXCC DXCC member in more than 100 Countries W7ITN from Idaho did get his DXCC in 1953. Idaho was the last State which joined DXCC, DXCC had a member in every State. The year 1953 was also the year DXCC had members from over 100 countries. VR2CG did bring the total to 100 andn YN4CB made the amount to 101. The Flood of 1953 in the Netherlands The year 1953 had also a big Dutch dissaster. The North Sea flood was a major flood caused by a heavy storm at the end of Saturday, 31 January 1953 and morning of the next day. Over 1800 people lost their lives during this terrible flood. An big area in the South West of the Netherlands was flooded by the North Sea. 865 Peole died in the province of Zeeland, 677 in South Holland, 247 in North Brabant, and 7 in North Holland. 40 People died later. The island of Schouwen-Duiveland was gone, completely. A Dutch booklet ”Kanaal 3700” (Channel 3700) tells the story of the Duch radio hams during and after the dissaster. The picture show a remake of the transmitter build during the Flood to connect Schouwen- Duiveland with the rest of the Netherlands Entities January 1954: Active 271, Deleted: 1 Austria off banned list. (QST June 1954, p. 33 ) Authorities in Austria have now granted amateur licenses and have rescinded their earlier objection to amateur communication filed with the International Telecommunications Union. As of April 1st ITU announced this welcome action, and FCC has now issued notice that American amateurs are no longer restricted from making OE contacts. QSL cards dated April 1, 1954, and after (or before December 21, 1950) count for DXCC. San Andreas & Providencia (HK0) added Announcement (QST July 1954, page 73) is hereby made of the addition to the ARRL Postwar Countries List of Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia. This designation shall encompass all islands partially or wholly under Colombian control between 12 and 14 degrees latitude and 78 and 82 degrees longitude. San Andres and Providencia. are added under Point 2a/3 of the rules. QSOs dated November 15, 1945 count for DXCC Navassa Island (KC4) added to the Countries List QST Nov. 1954, (page 64). This island is a United States possession, controlled by the US Coast Guard (point 2b) located approximately 35 miles due west of Haiti, 80 miles due east northeast of Jamaica and 110 miles south of Caimanera, Cuba. QSOs dated November 15, 1945 count for DXCC ZM7 islands (Tokelau) As you can see on the Most Wanted DXCC Countries of September 1954, Tokelau is on this list. In QST of December 1954 (page 146) Bob White, W1WPO stated that the islands of Atafu, Danger Islands, Fakaofo, Manihiki, Nukumon, Rakahanga and Tongareva (Penrhyn). belong to The Tokelau (Union) Islands. This is the first time the prefix of ZM7 is connented to Tokelau Islands. Entities December 1954: Active 273 Deleted: 1
Postwar DXCC - 02
Saarlandse postzegel. Miet allen MP4Q werd voor Qatar gebruikt. Ook MP4ABW en MP4BAM geven als Entiteit Qatar aan.
VS9AW, Oman On August 05, 1952, VS9AW finally took to the air, and became the first amateur station ever to operate from Salala in the Sultanate of Oman (Not Trucial Oman) VS9AW closed down on January 26, 1953 The VS9A prefix would normally have been used from the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen. G3GUK was based in Aden when he applied for his license, but, by the time the license was issued 18 months after the application was made, he had moved to Salala (RAF) in Oman.
Most wanted Countries Afghanistan, Aldabra Islands, Bhutan, Christmas Island (ZC3), Comoro Islands, Laccadive Islands, Maldive Islands, Mongolia, Sarawak, South Sandwich Islands, Tannu Tuva, Tokelau (Union) Islands, Vatican City, Wrangel Island In September of 1954, none of the Honor Roll DXers did work any of these countries San Andres & Providentia Archipelago, was also on the list but QSLs could NOT send in for DXCC-credit before September 1, 1954.
SWL card for W5KNE, as SWL in Germany Most wellknown QSL from Amsterdam Island (FB8ZZ) Tokelau VR2BZ/ZM7 KC4DX, Navassa Islands one of my seldom phone cards The transmitter of PA0ZRK (Zierikzee) build during the Flood Old Austrian prefix (nu OE) HK0BKX was very active