DXCC Changes 1949-1950

Changes in 1949 and 1950 Entities January 1949: Active: 262 Deleted : 0 The DXCC checker Al Hill, W1QMI/W6JQB, found his job too big, and did leave ARRL in February 1948. leaves League. In march 1949, John E. Cann, W3IEM, did take over the responsibility for DXCC. So the show could go on. Two new ones. In February 1949, two countries were added to the DXCC Countires List. Vatican City (prefix HV1), and the island of Norfolk (prefix VK9). Vatican City and Norfolk Island where self governing they followed Point 1 of the DXCC rules. The first Deletion on the Deleted List. In 1949, Newfoundland and Labrador (VO), became the first Deleted country. This was not because there was made a mistake with preparing the Postwar Countries List. The change had a simple reason. Political. back in 1934, Newfoundland was self- governing from 1855-1933. Then it was under control of England. In late 1948, after two referendum, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador voted, with a smal majority, to become a province of Canada. This happened on March 31, 1949. The tenth province of Canada got the name “Newfoundland”. In 2001 the name of the province changed in the old name “Newfoundland and Labrador”. Credit for QSOs with New Foundland and Labrador (VO) count only from November 15, 1945 to March 31, 1949. QST, of September 1949, announced this piece of history. At that time more VO prefixes, like VO1, VO2 etc.. were QRV. Israel (4X4) added to the DXCC list But this was not the only change in the Countries List. The new state of Israel came on the DXCC list. On May 14, 1948, israel claimed to be an independent country. Troops from the surrounding countries attacked the Israelian troops in Palestine. They lost the battle and Israel conquered more space (including the town of Jerusalem) than was written down in resolution 181 for a Judish state. Most stations, QRV from Israel did use the prefix ZC6 (old prefix of Palestine) from that day. This was the statement for Israel in QST (Juni 1949, page 67); Since the adoption of the ARRL Postwar Countries List, the official standard used in connection with the annual DX Competition and the DX Century Club, several changes have been reported in this department. See page 40 of March, 1949, QST for the latest revised list. We are pleased to announce the addition of one more country to the list: Israel, 4X4. DXCC credit will be given those who submit evidence of having worked Israel (including both 4X4 and ZC6) since May 14, 1948, the date on which the independent State was set up. Make this change on your list and watch the Operating News department for further changes and additions. Israel became a member of United nations on May 11, 1949. Sub Antarctic Islands added in 1949 Also added to the Countries List were Heard Island (May 1949). and Macquarie Island (Juli 1949). These Australian Antarctic islands were added under Point 2II, geographic separation from the homeland. Both countries got the prefix of VK1. Entities January 1950: Active 266, Deleted: 1 1950 was a quiet year for the Dxers. The Countries List was unchanged this year. But it was not a year that nothing happened. as you could read in some QST issues of 1950 (see below) COUNTRIES LIST POLICY (QST March 1950, page 70) Ever wonder why some suggested additions to the Postwar Countries List never make the grade, or why those which make the grade aren't added overnight? On the surface, it would appear a simple matter to act immediately on every proposed new country, but there's more to it than meets the eye. ARRL has never considered itself the final authority on what constitutes a country for DX purposes, especially since the geographical and political implications are often far- reaching. A tiny island out in the middle of nowhere, one that seems destined at the beginning to find a place on the Countries List, may never make the printed page because of some political oddity. Some candidates for the Countries List can be settled one way or the other in short order when their political and geographical make-ups are so obvious as to be beyond dispute. However, in most cases, ARRL goes to the outside for information and advice. Recognized authorities on the political and geographical status of any country or area in the world are consulted. In turn, the information received from these authorities is passed along to a group charged with deciding whether or not a certain proposed country should be added to the Countries List in view of all the available data. This group also includes men outside of ARRL, and consists of those who are in a position to know what's going on in the DX world through their operating and their work. The vote is cast, and the majority rules in each case. Geographical separation from the mainland often serves to swing an area into a place on the Countries List even when the political set-up alone apparently doesn't warrant it, and likewise form of government often turns the tide in making two countries out of one island. Many details enter into the workings of the Countries List, and in the final analysis when a new country is added to the List or an old one deleted, there's a good reason for the change after the matter has been considered from every angle. DXCC Club Awards QST does show often a list, showing the credits stations earned for their DXCC award. There is already a Honor Roll als you can see on the table. Charley mellen stiil is on top of each list (CW and Phone). Almost a new country (QST November 1950, page 55) From time to time, changes are made in the ARRL Postwar Countries List, with announcement of such changes appearing in QST. We are pleased to announce the following revision: New Amsterdam Island, FB8, is now grouped with Kerguelen Islands, FB8. Entities December 1950: Active 266, Deleted: 1
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Most stations did use ZC6 instead of 4X4 VO/W2KGW or W2KGW/VO No DXCC credit for Postwar DXCC The new country Israel 4X4 Ne additions Macquarie Island and eard Island. H. Marion island was added in 1948