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Collected from many sites on the Internet by PA0ABM Gus Browning in Europa Gus Started his adventures in 1960 flying from New York to Amsterdam/Netherlands. The first ham he visited was Gus,DL6ZZ in Hamburg. Of course followed by a visit to East Berlin (to Köpenich). He stayed there with DM2XLO and DM2SFO. From here Gus found out that his gear did not arrive in Amsterdam, so he decided to make a tourist tour to differend European countries. This tour did include Tchechoslowakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, Denmark, West German, Luxumbourg, France, Portugal, Spain, and some Spain islands. Then his tour ended via France, West Germany and back to Amsterdam to pick up his radio- gear. Now his First DXpedition starts. By train he travels through Belgium to Marseille/France were he waits for Leny, VQ4GT. Leny brings Gus by car to Monaco. Hotel “Le Siecle” in Monaco is the playground for his first DXpedition call, 3A2BW. In 73 Magazine, printed and edited by Wayne Green, W2NSD, Gus tells the audience in 31 monthly issues about his adventures (Dxpedition One, and partly about DXpedition TWO). The first article showed up in 73 Magazine of May 1965, five years after the start of the first DXpedition. First DXpedition of Gus-W4BPD Even a small spreadsheet like the one above is hard to build. The stories of Gus do not contain any date or time, with exception of words like summer, Christmas etc. So old QSL cards had to be found on the web to control the time-table. But the amount of QSLs I found are not enough to to tell how long a stay did take place. Sorry. And Logs of the adventures are not available anymore. The Gus stories in 73 Magazine do not show if Gus was QRV with the call of the person he was staying with. But of cource he was there QRV, because Gus wanted his Hunters to be informed what was going on. Here you can find the Calls Gus did use during his first DXpedition trip, which kept him busy for five months (The European Tourist trip not included). Gus was also QRV for nine minutes in CW as HV1CN before father Dominico switched of the gear and take Gus out for the lunch. A second chance to be QRV from Vatican City did never show up again. Attempts to visit Mount Athos, together with SV1AB ailed. Taking a last minute flight back home on Christmas-eve 1960 was the end of the FIRST DXpedition of Gus. Peggy, his XYL was very surprised when Gus showed up in South Carolina. Gus Browning, The CokeMan

Gus Browning on Tour

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3A2BW (Aug-1960) IC1IN (sep 1960) M1/W4BPD (sep 1960) VQ9A (okt 1960) M1/I1IN VQ1A (nov 1960) VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) MP4QAR (dec 1960) MP4TAK (dec 1960) FL9 (okt 1960) FL9 (okt 1960) VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) MP4QAR (dec 1960) Eerste DXpeditie van Gus, W4BPD