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The third DXpedition in 1965

After traveling around in the Himalaya countries (or provinces) and after his Afghanistan adventure Gus shows up in August 1965 in Israel. Later that month, Gus is also active from Palestine. The country of Palestine is occupied by Israël. This is the reason that Gus is active with he prefix 4X1 instead of ZC6. Stu Meyer still is the QSL manager, but I doubt if Stu did much of the QSL-work himself. W2GHK was fifty years ago a well known QSL manager. He was QSL-mqanager for over 100 different stations. Stuart Meyer became an employee of Hammerlund in 1960 (as chief engeneer). Stu managed to become the president of that company. In 1966 Stu left Hammerlund again. In September 1965 is Gus a guest of OD5BZ in Lebanon. During his stay there, he is QRV with the call of OD5BZ. In September Gus visits Jordan and is QRV with the strange call of JY74. Perhaps the 4 in this call is chosen while the Hammerland -H- was not possible. Europ is the next visit, where Gus is active from The Faroër Islands, Luxembourg and from several city’s in West germany. In November 1965, Gus shows up in Africa. In Togo his call is a bit strange again, 5VZ8CM. Gus continues his African trip with operating from Dahomey (TY3ATB). In December 1965 Gus can use the suffix -H- in Afrika agian while operating from Mauretania (5T),from Upper Volta (XT) and from Mali (TZ). With Christmas 1965, Gus is home again. DXpedition number three is over. Gus Browning, The CokeMan

Gus Browning on Tour

Gus Browning Ad
Hams - W4BPD - Gus Browning
Israel, Jota 4X5VB, Nazareth 4X9HQ, Israel Gus and QSL manager Stuart Meyer, W2GHK Palestina (4X1 not ZC6) QRV as OD5BZ from Libanon JY1 and JY2 are not the only strange Jordan calls. Together with  Stu, W2GHK in OY country Luxemburg Gus on tour in Duitsland Togo, a strange call Dahomey is now Benin Msauretanië Upper Volta, is now Burkina Faso Mali, then back home for Christmas