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Collected from many sites on the Internet by PA0ABM The second DXpedition of Gus After getting home it became clear that Buck, W4TO was too busy to continue his work as QSL manager for Gus. This task came under control of Ack, W4ECI Ack and Gus spent much time on the preparation of the next W4BPD Dxpedition. They got a lot of help from other hams, and they even did get some AM gear for use by the inhabitants of some islands in the Indian Ocean. The main target of the second DXpedition were the small kingdoms in the Himalaya mountains. When these new plans were presented Gus and Ack got a lot of comments and critics. “Gus and Ack are dreaming” .“This DXpedition wil be over in three months”. “Gus and Ack are trying to pull our legs” or This is a big joke”. But nevertheless both hams continued the preparations, got he needed visums, and Gus went to the doctor for the needed injections. Just before the second DXpeditions started Gus and Ack did visit the Single Side Band Dinner in New York City. From there, Gus did take the plane ant went of, according to Gus, on the most enyoable DXpedition of his life. A DXpedition which should mentioned in the Worldbook of Records, because this DXpedition became the longens DXpedition ever. Gus would not see Peggy for for 22 Months. The second DXpedition of Gus-W4BPD (part 1) Gus started with a stop in Monaco,. There he was QRV again from the same hotel as before, Room 40 of Hotel Le Seicle. His call was the same as the first time, 3A2BW. Gus wrote 31 articles for 73 Magazine, telling about the first DXpedition and partly about this second DXpedition. From this articles you cannot make the conclusion that Gus was QRV from Tristan da Cunha as ZD9AM. On the internet I found a backsite of the ZD9AM QSL showing Tristan da Cunha as the QTH. There is a note on th DOKUFUNK site about Gus being QRV from Swaziland, together with Lambert ZS6IF. This little DX-trip could not be confirmed by a QSL card. And Gus did not mention anything about a Swaziland DX-trip in his articles. With some words about the Basutolaqnd trip in article 31 of 73-Magazine, Gus stops writing about his wereabouts. The tabel below is copied from the site of Dokufunk.org. The second DXpedition of Gus-W4BPD (part 2) The first six months of 1963, Gus was very busy in several countries in and around the Indian Ocean. Gus traveled then to Aden, and from there he made a few trips to Yeman and to the bigest island of Yemen, in the Red Sea Kamaran Island. Gus wanted also to visit the Kuria Muria islands, but hat DXpediton (to a new DXCC country) had to wait a few months. Gus Browning, The CokeMan

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3A2BW (Aug-1960) VQ9A, Seychelles The QSL of Harvey Brain, VQ9HB VQ9AA, Aldabra M1/I1IN VQ9C, Cosmoledos VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) VQ9A/8C, Chagos W4BPD/4W1 (yemen is now 7O, and 4W is East Timor) FL9 (okt 1960) VQ9AN, Asumption Back in Mahé, Seychelles VQ9A/7, back to Aldabra VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) ZD9AM, Tristan da Cunha 9U5ZZ, Burundi 9U5BH, Ruanda VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) ZS6IF/8, Basutoland, together with Lambert, ZS6IF LH4C, Bouvet Island ZD9AM, Gough Island VQ8BI, Island of Mauritius FR7ZC, Reunion Island A very hard one, Juan da Nova Island VQ9AIW/MM (nov 1960) 6O1AA (nov 1960) Another Reunion card Madagascar, 5R8 back to the Comores Troimelin Island Glorieuses Europa Island, again hard to catch And back on Comores French Somaliland Kamaran island, Yemen Gus on Gloriose, FR7ZC/G Aden (now a deleted country)