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Some HZ1AB operators found on the web by PA0ABM HZ1AB is one of the most famous DX calls heard in ham radio. The station was usually responsible for the first worked and confirmed Saudi Arabian contact for the DX enthusiast. In contests, HZ1AB provided country and/or zone multiplier on all bands and modes. HZ1AB provided the first HZ OSCAR satellite QSO's for hundreds of OSCAR users. The station went on the air in december 1946. The license was a gift from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since then, hundreds of thousands of contacts were logged by many different operators. The picture (right) shows the 1952-54 HZ1AB station in the Quonset hut a block up from the theater. The equipment shown is a Collins R-388/51J receiver, WRL Globe King; the VFO is a Meissner Signal Shifter. The antenna was a Gordon 20- and 10- meter Yagi interlaced on the same boom. The rotor was also a Gordon, which was a continuous rotating type. The antenna was fed with kilowatt twin lead through slip rings built into the rotor housing. The photo to the left shows a typical station configuration of HZ1AB in the 1990's. Ten-Tec transceiver and kilowatt amp, old RF Comm RF-103 (single 3-1000Z) and other commercial ham gear. This particular setup was in a portable building. The antennas used were a rhombic, military rotatable horizontal log periodic and a Force 12 5BA. This outgoing QSL card was sent in 1948 to VQ4HGE, operated by Robert Leo, W6PBD. Bob (now W7LR) became a HZ1AB operator after his Gatti-Hallicrafters- Expedition in July 1948. The HZ1AB operator was W6YEZ, John Leo, the father of W6PBD. John Dudek, KB6CU, was a HZ1AB operator from 1976 to 1984. John was a safety engineer/manager with Northrop Corporation. Besides operating at HZ1AB, John operated from such DX spots as Eniwetok (KX6JD) and from Canton/Br. Phoenix (KB6CU and VR1AC). His XYL Connie, who was with him in Saudi Arabia, had the distinction of being the only female (for a while) on Canton Island during the last operation as a tracking station. John went SK in 2000. Sam, WA6BRE, was one of our stalwart members in the 80's. Sam provided the following photos. Sam lives in Bennington, Nebr. He would love to hear from his friends that he "served time" with in Saudi. Other operators of HZ1AB were K5VK, Mike Grosco (1996) and Scott Redd, K0DQ (1995-1996) Mike completed a career with the US Air Force in 1997 with 24 years of service as an Air Traffic Controller. As you can see by the picture, I spent a little time in the desert of Saudi Arabia near Dhahran a year before the bomb went off at Khobar Towers (spring of 1995). HZ1AB (now defunct) was a long- standing club station operated by the Dhahran Amateur Radio Club and one of only four licensed stations in Saudi Arabia at that time. This QTH was a great location to train as a DXer! There was ALWAYS a pile-up as soon as the station came on the air!!! And of coure this list of former operator must include Dave Earnest, K7JJ who was one of the operators of HZ1AB in 1954-1955 and 1977- 1986. Dave got his license in 1954 and strted ham-radio with the call W7YBI. This was just one of the call of Dave. Other calls were W7KJJ, KS6DY(American Samoa), ZL1BBA, W6HUQ, W7YBI, KA2ZZ (Johnson AB, Saitama, Honshu, Japan), KØBQE. Dave was also operator of KA2RB (157-1960), KG6ICD (1960) and KX6BU (1960s). Hi did get 5BWAS when he was operating from American Samoa. Dave Earnest, K7JJ, was also the webmaster of the HZ1AB web-site and the first QSL manager of the AB1HZ club station of ex-operators of HZ1AB. Gari Berliot, NG9V was licensed as a novice in May of 1958 and earned his General Class license, K9PBV, in September of that year. Sometime in the 80's he upgraded to Advanced Class and and in 1986 passed the Amateur Extra class exams. He then became NG9V. The Air Force was his first calling and taught him about electronics. He was involved in building WFMK in Mount Horeb, worked for Evans Industrial Communications and then Wisconsin Bell. His time with the Air Force allowed him to operate HZ1AB. (Gari does not tell when he was operating from Saudi Arabia. Remarks Of course there are much more operators who still are QRV on the bands. Many members of the DERA and later the DARC got help from HZ1HZ, Ahmed Zaidan (SK). I believe Ahmed was sometimes also operating HZ1AB, but I cannot find any prove of that. The call HZ1HZ is also reissued. That call now belongs to his daughter Laila A Zaidan. She has also the call OE1LZA. If anyone can add more info on HZ1AB, please drop me an e-mail. 73, Wino, PA0ABM

HZ1AB is history

Hams - HZ1AB - History
picture of "Scottie" Fisher, W8AM HZ1AB station in 1990 the HZ1AB operator was W6YEZ, John Leo, Bob's father One of the prefixes used in the early days of DXCC Sam, WA6BRE operating HZ1AB with Collins S-Line driving SB-220. Antenna: Rhombic Sam's farewell party: L-to-R: Byron-WA7KDU, Luther-W5JIZ, John-KS6EZ, Bill-W6OL, Herb-AA7MR, Dave-K7JJ, Al-W5CA (hidden) K0DQ, Scott Red (HZ1AB op 1995-1996) K5VK, Mike Grosco (HZ1AB op 1996) Dave, K7JJ (W7KJJ, KS6DY(American Samoa), ZL1BBA, W6HUQ, W7YBI, KA2ZZ (Johnson AB, Saitama, Honshu, Japan), KØBQE. (picture from his QRZ page) Dave reached 5BWAS as KS6DY NG9V, Gari Berliot the new HZ1HZ, Laila A Zaidan (OE1LZA), daughter of Ahmed Zaidan