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My W7SE story by Robert W Rennard, N7WY, Chyenne, Wyoming I probably met Walt at the American Legion post in Cheyenne during the summer of 2012. The Post is focused on ex-military folks, and Cheyenne has many, including me, a 21 year Air Force veteran. Typically, 10 hams would come for the $5.00 hamburger and French fries served Tuesday for lunch. Warren Air Force Base and its processor, the Fort Russell Army base, have been in Cheyenne since 1867. Fort Russell was created to house troops to protect the construction of the eastern segment of the transcontinental railroad. There were various topics for discussion at lunch: local repeaters, antenna rebuilding after the harsh Wyoming winter, homebrew radios and operating. If KO7X, Alan Brubaker, Walt and I were there we talked about contesting. The rest of the diners were fixated on the encoded modes implemented in WSJT-X. Walt and Alan were far better CW operators than I am. Sadly, both are SK, Alan in 2015 and Walt in 2019. Until 2020, Wayne Mills, N7NG, hosted a barbecue for a few invited hams from Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado at his home in Jackson, WY in August. Sometimes the gathering date conflicted with the CW North America QSO Party (NAQP) and I chose to represent Wyoming on the air rather than attend. In 2018, Wayne chose the weekend of the SSB NAQP. I had done well in this event previously, but wanted to go to Jackson. I talked to Walt about driving the 700 km together rather than separately. He told me that Dolores and he planned to take their dogs to a show and would not attend the gathering that year. I booked a room in Jackson so that I could take my bride and she could be the secondary driver. This broke down when my bride had to return to her birthplace in Ohio to attend to family matters. I called Walt again. Something happened to the dog show and Walt was interested in being my passenger. He had not fully recovered from a car accident the prior wintery Spring. In August, I drove west from Cheyenne to Laramie, picked up Walt and we headed west on US-30 to where it merges into I-80. We continued to Rock Springs, then headed north to Pinedale, west to Hoback Junction and eventually we got to Jackson about 8 hours later. On the west side of Pinedale are the mountains of the Bridger National Forest and on the east are the mountains of the Shoshone National Forest. I think it is one of the most scenic areas of Wyoming. The fly fishing on the Green River is exceptional. Dolores family had land holdings North of Pinedale. I brought frozen America Bison burgers for the barbecue. We dropped my cooler off at N7NG before going into downtown Jackson. Our $500 per night lodging was very basic and there were almost no parking spaces. Walt and I walked a couple of blocks toward Jackson’s town square and had dinner. The morning of the barbecue, we went to Smith’s market on the South side of Jackson where Walt recognized Wayne’s wife, Margaret. We chatted briefly. During the barbecue I learned that Margaret and Dolores became good friends at prior barbecues. The morning after the barbecue, we took a different route back to Cheyenne. We headed north toward Moran Junction, and then east to Dubois. We had an exceptional breakfast at the Cowboy Café in Dubois. Our route continued through Lander to Rawlins, then we headed east on I-80 for a few miles and changed to US-30 (The Lincoln highway) which passes close to the Marshall’s home. Dolores had a delicious supper ready when we arrived. During this circuit, Walt and I had two eyeball QSOs each lasting over 7 hours. We talked about our individual histories, love for amateur radio and I forget what else. In July 2019, I invited Walt and Dolores to commute with my bride and me to Jackson again. Sadly, I got the same response that you did; Walt was not up to the trip. In September 2019, my wife and I went to Laramie and were joined for lunch by Dolores and her son-in- law, Rick. One time when Walt and I met at his house, I casually mentioned working K5KG. Walt said nothing about his long relationship with George. After Walt passed, the Florida Contest Group (FCG) members used WALT instead of their own names during a domestic contest. I did not make the connection, but worked several WALTs during the contest. I asked somebody from the Society of Midwest Contesters who WALT was. The answer I got lead me to K5KG’s QRZ.com page where he mentions time at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I reached out to George to thank him all the FCG members who honored WALT. In the summer of 2020, I went to W7SE to estimate how many boxes would be needed to ship the HZ1AB cards to DokuFunk in Austria. Dolores recorded measurements of the depth of cards in 180 bins held in 15 drawers of 6 wood cabinets Walt made for shipping the cars from HZ1AB to Wyoming. K5KG ordered boxes for packing the cards for delivery to Laramie. A month later, K5KG, W8MYL, N7MJ and N7WY boxed up the cards in the wood cabinet. None of us were aware that the metal cabinet next to the wood cabinet held cards HZ1AB had received from the United States. When we realized what the metal cabinet held, K5KG ordered more boxes for the US cards. Two weeks later, W8MYL and I boxed them up. W8MYL worked at an electronics fabricator in Laramie that had gone out of business. He was working to liquidate their test equipment and residual parts inventory. The business owner allowed us to stack 120 boxes of cards on two pallets. We used plastic film to protect and secure the boxes followed by banding the boxes to the pallet. Two days later the ground shipment was picked up for transit to Austria. This left one box of QSL cards, folders of station information, biographies and pictures of some of the HZ1AB operators, plus a few log books, dupe sheets and other parts of the HZ1AB history. These were boxed up and shipped separately to DoKuFunk via the postal systems. 73, Bob, N7WY History of N7WY (from QRZ.COM) Bob got his first license as KN7SAL issued December 13, 1961, an upgraded to K7SAL in 1962, Advanced class in 1974, Extra Class and lottery award of N7WY in 1976. Left WY section in 1967, operated from LAX section in the 1970s, OH section later in the 1970s and early 1980s, from LAX section during most of the 1980s, and SCV section from 1990 until 2012. My nomadic schedule to/from WY to MO started in 2012. Worked in Texas in the aerospace industry in 1967, got drafted into the USAF, retired after 21 years and then worked in Silicon Valley for 23 years. I am a member of the GPS Originators team, and worked on GPS projects and products after leaving the USAF. I support the ARRL, NCDXF, INDEXA, 10-10 International, the RBN, QRZ.com and the WWROF. I am a member of CWOps, MHDXA, KCCC, GMCC and the nearby clubs: www.ShyWYarc.net and www.NixaHams.net. Passions of Bob are HF CW, RTTY or SSB; very little FT8 ! Remarks Bob, N7WY wrote the story above when I asked him how he became involved in the HZ1AB QSL wish of Walt, W7SE. Bob did also sent some of the pictures used to illustrate the QSL shipment to Austria. Sofar we did not make any N7WY-PA0ABM QSO. But I worked Bob many times, when I was operating the clubstation PI4DX.

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Bob, N7WY (picture from his QRZ.COM page) DN71 at the borders of Platte, Goshen and Laramie counties for 7QP; and DN72 near Lusk, WY for Field Day Cowboy Cafe, Dubois/Wyoming All 120 boxes with notes written down The job is done, ready for take off. (Roy, W8MYL and Bob, N7WY)