My Friend Walt Marshall, W7SE (SK) IIt was arranged that, during our family trip to Southwest America on Sunday, August 11, 2019, we would get company from Walt and Dolores Marshall in Moab, Utah. I did hire an eight person mobile home to make sure that Walt and Dolores could stay with us for the night. The day before, on August 10, I made a phone call from Cortez/Colorado to Laramie/Wyoming and got Walt on the phone. He mentioned that, because of health problems, they could not make the trip to Moab, Later that evening Dolores called back, and informed me about Walt’s sickness, melanoma cancer. Three weeks later, on Friday, August 30, 2019 after 3 years of fighting, Walt, W7SE, lost the battle and died at home in Laramie/Wyoming. The last time I had an eye ball with Walt was in September 1998. It was during my second holiday trip to the United States. My brother and I enjoyed Walt’s and Dolores hospitality there in the backyard of Laramie. Cooking was one of the interests of Walt, and he prepared a fantastic dinner for us. I had to eat the biggest steak of my life, while drinking too many Margarita’s. After the marvelous dinner I did make some QSOs while using the rig of W7SE, Walt. My first QSO with Walt was in the Seventies. Of course in CW. He was my first Wyoming QSO, I was working for my WAS – Worked All States - During the QSO Walt was surprised to get so many questions about Wyoming from PA0ABM. I had maps from almost all fifty States of the US, and the map of Wyoming was in front of me. I saw places like Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and Devils Tower. All places I wanted to see once in my life. After my retirement was the idea, but it turned out to happen earlier (in 1982 and in 1998). This remarkable first QSO was followed by more, but it was not so easy to get in touch with Wyoming on a regular base. Walt was an employee of Aramco, and was sent out to Saudi Arabia, building a refinery. This job caused our first eye-ball QSO. Some of the equipment used there in the refinery was from Foxboro. Because of delivery problems, Walt had to visit Foxboro in the Netherlands, and did use these trips to visit me in Middelburg. Those visits were fun. Walt was always in search for small antique glass (drinking cups). And hardware, like hammers, nails, screws and even underwear for the ladies back in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And sometimes, Walt surprised us with other members of his family, his wife Dolores, his mother from Lubbock/Texas, and his three girls Lilly, Lori and Louise. While in Saudi Arabia, Walt was one member of the HZ1AB crew, and we had a lot of QSOs, even in phone-contests. The biggest wish of a ham is once in a lifetime taking part in a big DXpedition. Walt had the same wish and this wish became reality during his Saudi Arabia adventure. In 1983, Walt got his super DX call VK0SE, and flew to Perth for a five weeks adventure to Heard Island, brought there by an old whaling vessel. He did his job, bringing the cargo on board, together with the other members of the team. After leaving Perth for the South Indian Ocean, the ship got into a severe storm and went back to Perth for refill the tanks. Bad luck hit the whaler after leaving Perth for the second time when the ship again found a severe storm on its journey. And again the ship returned back to Perth. This second time was too much for Walt. He had to decide to stay of the third attempt, or to go back to Saudi Arabia for not losing his job at Aramco. Walt did chose the last option, the call VK0SE did never hit the waves. (A video of this adventure, “The Ship that should not have” can be seen on my site (Comments are only in the Dutch language, sorry). Walt had to wait until 1998 when his DXpedition wish became reality. Walt joined, together with his friend George, K5KG, a Swiss DXpedition to St. Brandon in the Indian Ocean. They used the call 3B7RF. Leaving Port Luis on Mauritius Island on May 4,1998 they arrived on Raphaël Island in the Saint Brandon Archipelago after a 30 hour rough sail, badly seasick. Nevertheless Walt made a lot of QSOs during the next twelve days. The group made more than 53.000 QSO’s. It was a thrill for me when 3B7RF answered my call on 40 Meters with “hello Wino, you are 599, greetings Walt, W7SE”. Walt was the propagation man during this DXpedition. After our visit to Laramie in 1998, Dolores visited us more than once in Vlissingen and Huijbergen. Walt liked to stay at home, doing al kind of things he was interested in. He showed up in 1999 at several Ham-Conventions, telling about his St. Brandon adventure. In February 2010, I could make a QSO with Walt , W7SE on 160 meter. Of course in CW. Our last one was in 2013, but we kept in contact via email. Walt got his licence back in 1955 at an age of 15. Now Walt is a Silent Key. Rest in Piece my friend. The Wish of Walt, W7SE Before we left Saudi, Walt rescued the vast QSL card collection for the HZ1AB amateur radio station that closed down. Walt built a wall of drawers (90) to keep them in. It was Walt's wish that these historic cards go to a museum in Vienna, Austria. The museum agreed to accept them and K5KG, George Wagner, Walt's long time ham friend, spearheaded this task. W8MYL, Roy Aiken of Laramie, N7WY, Bob Rennard and N7MJ, Jack Mitchell of Cheyenne came to my house several times to plan, box, and ship over 170,000 cards. George raised funds for this project from former HZ1AB operators and interested groups. Thank You to all that contributed. 73, Dolores, XYL of Walt, W7SE
Dolores Marshall Dolores, the XYL of Walt, W7SE joined Walt in Saudi Arabia, and was involved there as a teacher (her profession) for the kids of the Aramco employees. Dolores visited us more than once, even more than Walt. I remember that Dolores while visting us in 2000, did give a Quilt-introduction lesson to my XYL Annie. This brought Anny back to life again after the suddely death of our daugther Martie in 1994. Walt, W7SE, was her husband for 56 years.
The QSL of my first Wyoming QSO. The Shack of W7SE back in 1998 Wino is not a good name for a ham. But is Wano better? The Marshall family with the first grandson of Walt and Dolores Walt did activiate HZ1AB more than once A wish becomes reality Walt, W7SE  was the propagation man during this DXpedition. Walt did meet a lot of hams. Here with John, ON4UN (SK) Walt, Dolores and  and 3B7RF teammate Christina, HB9BQW Eye-ball QSO of W7SE and PA0ABM, in September, 1998 The 90 Drawers Walt built to store the HZ1AB  QSL-collecton