This page designed and maintained by N1DG ( ) redesigned by PA0ABM KEN HOLDOM ZL2HU Licensed 1989 Team Leader and Group Organiser Ken led the very successful ZL8RI operation in 1996 and was a member of the Oct 1997 DXpedition team to Chatham Island and has previously operated from both Rarotonga (South Cooks) and Pukapuka (North Cooks) and will be back at both these ZK1 QTH's in the future. DXCC, Worked all States, Worked all Pacific, ARRL and 10/10 Member 1997 ZL7AA Chatham Islands Team Member 1996 ZL8RI Raoul Island/Kermadec Group Team Leader and Organiser 1995 ZK1KH Pukapuka, North Cook Islands Single Operator 1990/91 ZK1KH Rarotonga, South Cook Islands Single Operator Also holds calls ZL4HU and ZK1KH . Previous call: ZL2NBK LEE JENNINGS ZL2AL Licensed 1953 DXCC , ARRL Member , Active CW operator and contester Other awards include: WAZ WAP IOTA A1-OP WAVE DUF4 and WAS: first WAS as VE3OE #5601 42 years ago in 1956 and the latest # 48,192 as ZL2AL in 1995. Age 61, married, 2 sons. Lee runs a powertool/ machinery sales and service business. 1997 ZL7AA Chatham Islands Group Organiser/ Team Leader 1996 ZL8RI Raoul Island/Kermadec Group Team Member 1993 ZL7AA Chatham Islands Group Organiser/ Team Member Lee has also used these calls : VE3CDX, VE3OE, VE3LJ, ZL1BET BRIAN BIGGINGS VE3XA Licensed 1958 DXCC and has been a ham for almost 40 years. Active contest and field day operator. Brian has not been involved in any DXpeditions to date and is looking forward to this one. Brian’s antenna expertise and his sense of humour will be a welcome addition to the group. Brian has also been involved with ARES and search and rescue operations in Canada. Previous Calls: VE3BIE DECLAN CRAIG EI6FR Licensed 1984 Declan Craig EI6FR was first licenced in 1983 as EI3BNB,he was one of a very limited number of EI's active on 2m SSB at the time and got his first serious bites from the DX Bug while running European pileups on 2m whenever Tropo, Sporadic E or Aurora allowed his signals to reach the Continent. In 1985 Declan got his class A licence, EI regulations obliged new class A licensee's to complete a year on CW only at the 25 watt power level. This proved to be invaluable training for an aspiring DXer and today most of EI6FR's activity continues to be on CW , with some RTTY and Amtor and a little SSB when a new one needs chasing down on that mode. EI6FR has been very active in the DXCC chase for several years,having DXCC completed on 8 bands (only 160m to go) and on modes CW,SSB and RTTY. Declan holds the DXCC Honor Roll Award,the WAS,WAZ,WPX and many others. The above all earned using modest tribanders at low heights and verticals which are all that can be managed in a city qth and observing the EI power limits of 400w on SSB and 100 w on CW. A keen contester EI6FR is often to be heard in CQWW, WPX ,ARRL contests, but his major success's have been as part of the WestNet Team in the IOTA Contests. After several years in the top ten box for the IOTA contest the Westnet team finally made the World Win in 1997 as GI7J. IOTA activity has played a large part in EI6FR's operating for the past several years.He has organised and led several successful IOTA DXpeditions to islands around the coasts of EI/GI/GW (see below). Declan is 36 years old and is married to Sandra with sons Conor who is 7 years old and newborn Ciaran. Declan believes the secret to successful DXing is lots of time on air,lots more listening than TXing and most important of all a patient and supportive XYL. DXCC Honour Roll, Worked all States, Worked all Zones plus many others. 1997 GI/EI7NET Rathlin Island 1996 GW6J Anglesay 1996 EJ7NET Blasket Islands Planner/ 1995 EJ7NET Aran Islands Group Leader 1994 GB0TI St Tudwals 1993 EJ6FR Blasket Islands 1992 EJ0SI Saltee Islands WILBERT KNOL ZL2BSJ Licensed 1979 Member KIWI Contest Group. Wilbert is 35 years of age and has been licensed since 1979. In the bad old days of paper logging and dupe sheets, he was involved with VHF/UHF SSB/CW contesting at club level. In between, DX grid squares were collected on 2 m SSB/CW, from his native country (Netherlands). Since moving to New Zealand 10 years ago radio activities from home have been restricted to checking into the Pacsats, due to the housing situation. Another favorite pasttime is watching DX spots on the local DX Cluster. In order to get his radio fix, every opportunity is taken to get on the air away from home. For the past nine years Wilbert has made appearances for the Kiwi Contest Group in the CQWW CW and SSB contests as part of the ZM2K M/M team. Other contests entered into are the ARRL 10 m DX (multi op ZL2DX), ARRL DX, IARU, VK/ZL and most ZL field days as a CW operator. The photo above was taken after a particularly arduous contest session. CW is his preferred mode and he hopes the contest experience will be useful in handing out the ZL9 prefix to as many stations world wide as possible. Outside amateur radio Wilbert is employed as an electronics designer in a small team of underwater acoustics people, developing and using echo sounder equipment for fisheries research. His other interest are sports: he plays volleyball, indoor soccer and is a self confessed mad windsurfer. JUN TANAKA JH4RHF Licensed 1976 DXCC. Member JARL, ARRL, NCDXF and DXLF(Japan). 1995 BV9P Pratus Island 1995 3D2CU/CT 1993 KP1 Navassa Island 1991 KH2S Guam 1991 ZL9DX Auckland Islands 1989 XF4L 1988 FK/JH4RHF 1987 AH0B Mariana Islands 1986 JA3YKC/T32 Line Islands 1983 JA3YKC/JD1 Other DXpeditions/DX vacations include KH6, KH2, KH0, 6Y5, P4, W6, HV, VK9L, 3D2 Also holds the callsign KH2S ANDREW WILLIAMSON GI0NWG Licenced 1990 Obtained U.S. Extra license (AC6WI) in July 1996. Prefers CW operating, particularly CW contest operating. Also likes the low-bands and RTTY. In the 1997 ARRL RTTY Roundup, myself and Robert GI0KOW finished #1 World in the multi-op section. Operating from GI0KOW in CQWW CW (SOABHP) I've achieved: 1995 - #1 UK, #2 EU 1996 - #1 UK, #2 EU, #11 World 1997 - #1 UK, #1 EU, #10 World Operating from GI0KOW in CQ WPX CW (SOABHP) I finished 1996 - #1 UK, #1 EU, #9 World. Operating from GI0KOW (as GI7J) in the IOTA Contest the WestNet DX group achieved #1 World in the Island, non-DXpedition section. Member of the RSGB IOTA Committee for about two years, and member of the RSGB for eight years. 1998 EJ7NET Saltee Islands EU-103 1996 GW6J Anglesay EU-124 1995 EJ7NET Inis Meain EU-006 JASON CHRISTENSEN ZL2URN Licensed 1992 Jason’s interests are in VHF and UHF and has not been on any previous DXpeditions. He is currently employed as Field Centre Manager with the Department of Conservation at Mana Island just out of Wellington. Jason has been accepted as the official Department of Conservation representative travelling with our group. This DXpedition will no doubt open Jason’s eyes to the real world of ham radio and we look forward to enlightening his and prompting his desires to upgrade his call and become a long term DXer and DXpeditioner. JAMES BROOKS 9V1YC Licensed 1978 DXCC, ARRL Member, Professional video producer. DXer & Contester. BSEE 1988, Univ. of Texas at Austin. Owns a small production and design company producing television documentaries, commercials, corporate-videos and animation. 9V8YC 1998 H44YC 1998 VK9YC 1998 H40AA 1998 VK0IR 1997 TO0R 1997 FR/AD1AD 1997 VS6WO 1997-1996-1995-1994-1993 (CW and SSB) VR2GO 1994 (WW CW SO/40m) VR2/KB1CM 1994 S61YC 1994 9V1ARU 1994 (IARU M/S) XU0AA 1989 9V0YC 1989 VS6/KB1CM 1989 VU2ZAB 1987 ZK1XM 1986 (South Cook) KH8/KB1CM 1986 5W1FR 1986 (WPX CW M/S) ZS/KB1CM 1984 G0/KB1CM 1983 (WPX CW SO/AB) 4X/KB1CM 1983 G5EBC 1980 MURRAY WOODFIELD ZL1CN Licensed 1966 Quality Systems Certification auditor, certifying ISO 9000 quality systemswith Telarc New Zealand. Aged 50. First licenced in 1966 as ZL2SW, subsequently holding the calls ZL2AZY and ZL3KM. Married to Laurice, ZL1LG, with two sons and a daughter each a licenced Ham, and two daughters in law, each of whom is licenced. Two granddaughters. Formerly President of the Auckland VHF Group. Also, member of the International Travel Host Exchange Scheme and an NZART Executive Councillor Established and now running the ZL1BN DX PacketCluster in Auckland. Member of the 1997 and 1998 CQWW ZM2K teams. TREY GARLOUGH N5KO Licensed 1974 5BWAZ, 5BDXCC, A1-Op, ARRL Life Member, member Northern California Contest Club and Boring Amateur Radio Club An avid CW contester, you will often find Trey (ex-WN4KKN) dabbling in SSB and RTTY contests as well. During the 1980's he was one of the stallwarts of the N5AU contest team. Since 1992 he has been active from the Galapagos Islands as HC8N. You may have also worked him in a contest as: 6D2X (many times), 7J7YAA (1998), EA9UK (1993), HC1OT (1998), LU6ETB (1997), K6O (1996), KP2A (1989), ON4UN (1996), PJ9B (1995), ZP0Y (1990 & 1991)
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