DXpeditions 01
This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of EUDXF. Written by Jan Foerderwer, DL7JAN V88/DL7JAN After my activities in 2009 as a S79JF and CT8/DL7JAN the question soon positioned itself to the famous “where do I go next?”. In my opinion the personal inclinations belong to it beside the criteria of the DXCC Wanted lists also to a possible aim area. Already during the years I were fascinated to the sultanate Brunei in the Southeast Asian space. The choice was made therefore and I started to enquire. As a possibility I took into consideration the QTH of Ambran Aston, V85SS. By e-mail the contact was established and the time schedule were defined to Februray. On the 21st of February the trip started in the direction of the Pacific. My parents drove me full equiped to the airport Frankfurt where it should go with a plane of the Singapore Airlines first in the direction of Singapore and after a short stay further in the real aim of Negara Brunei Darussalam. On both flights there were except the usual security cheques no problems with the equipment. On arrival in the capital of Bandar Seri Begawan, a really tropical climate, with 33 degrees and approx. 80 % of air humidity come close to me. This should not change during my whole stay there. At the airport Ambran await me already and waved from the distance with from me already most ardently expected licence. Now I had it on my hands finally … Now V88/ DL7JAN hopefully come on air soon. Besides, Ambran was a big help by the introduction of the whole radio equipment. On the way to the QTH he and his woman insisted on driving the one or other wheel to show me various specific features in the capital. Finally, we came to Ambran’s home which QTH is approx. 15 minutes out- side from Bandar Seri Begawan. In Brunei it is, by the way, a habit that flats are entered in general without shoes. I came along straight away to the construction of the station. The air-conditioning hummed in the back- ground what at the given temperatures more than was only pleasant. I put the first “CQ de V88/DL7JAN” on 17 m and the first station came with JI1BHO immediately to the log. Well for the time being I worked to the calling Asian stations, especially from JA. About evening the first Europeans also appeared and the interest was huge. In the other course it was changed to 20 m which delivered good signals from Europe. The Pile-Up’s mostly kept till approx. 3 o’clock in the morning, local time, in Brunei. For my first complete day in Brunei, recommended me Ambran, I should absolutely go to the parade to Bandar Seri Begawan and not miss this spectacle. I took the opportunity was and met in the middle of the parade, the nearly complete local amateur radio association. When I had “come out” as a radio amateur, it was a warmly taken up to me and I got something to drink and chicken with rice for lunch from the locals. This unexpectedly meeting should accompany me for the whole duration of the Dxpedition. Once a day I received a phone call from Nasran, V88NIZ, linked with an invitation for dinner in his house to get to know the traditional kitchen. Enthusiastically I accepted! I experienced culinary like various Curry’s, dry shrimps, different local prepared vegetables etc. You must get used to the sharpness first, but it was very careful, alternatively in addition tonic for the Pile-Up’s which should still follow. I tried to serve all bands enough and to do justice to the different wishes. Only 40 m and 30 m stayed behind my own expectations, because the CQ calls often faded away unheard. Against it developed 12 m more and more to the real alternative and I tried day by day to use the presenting openings for the European stations. It came on this band at the end no less than 1,000 QSOs to the log. In the approach of my DXpedition I would have held not for possible. But there just are, as everybody knows, over and over again surprises! One day, I was just at the taking place every morning company with JA, stormed an excited Ambran to myself and presented myself to understand I should buckle in bowl, wear a fine shirt and long trousers. On my taken aback question what would have to mean this he replied to me that me with V8BDS the chairperson of the BDARA (Brunei Darussalam Radio Association) which is, besides, the father-in-law of the crown prince in half an hour personally. Said done … What followed, was an extremely friendly and long discussion which was continued after the “Shack- Visit” with a lunch together. It was to be discussed interesting also once association covering subjects and I suggested to think about whether one also does not want to introduce a QSL office. So, these were very constructive talks which one cannot lead so with certainty every day. Unfortunately, at the time of day the bands did not give a lot and therefore time the country was to be explored. The rain forest, a boat trip in (at least from me allegedly) swimming trunk with outboard, scaling a scaffolding to a 50 m high bridge about the treetops, or the visit of the big mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, were the unique experiences which I would not like to miss. During the whole time in Brunei there were smaller meetings with various members of the BDARA over and over again where one enquired with a tea or snack with growing interest after my radio activity on the different bands and modes and also to my person. In the evening of the last day, finally, I wanted myself before “the last PileUp”, get revenge with Nasran for the invitation for dinner which accepted the offer with pleasure. On the way he told me that probably a lot of OMs and XYLs come which I learned to know in my time there to say goodbye. These should be in the end up to 25 people who had a visit and therefore we had a real resignation party going. As a coronation I got an official shirt of the BDARA handed to carry this, nevertheless, on the journey home with the request. Of this request I have followed of course more than with pleasure! According to moving words and keen hand shake I sat moved in the car of Nasran which brought me back and wished for the final Pile-Up a lot of fun and success to me. He should keep right! There was really great run from Europe again! As the last station OM5MF on 20 m RTTY found the way in the log and I went QRT as V88/DL7JAN! All together there were reached 5,600 QSOs (without Dupes) with 76 % of European stations. My thanks rise, finally, to everybody which gave support to me and for this DXpedition. This finally is the European DX foundation (EUDXF), German DX foundation (GDXF), South German group DX (SDXG), my parents Doris & Helmut Förderer, Egon, DL2IX, as well as Brunei Darussalam Radio Association (BDARA), especially with the members V85SS, V88NIZ and V85RH! Where do I go next? Stay tuned. vy 73 de Jan, DL7JAN aka V88/DL7JAN A man should keep his friendship in constand repair (Samuel Johnson (1755).

Dxpedition Brunei Darussalam in 2010